Lobo – komiks. 4 likes. Book. Privacy · Terms. About. Lobo – komiks. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started. In space, no one can hear you frag. By popular demand, Lobo hits the comic shops in his very own ongoing monthly series, without a. Lobo is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The Lobo character was created by Roger Slifer and Keith.

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Retrieved from ” https: February Komios how and when to remove this template message. If Lobo sustains injury, his accelerated healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with superhuman speed and efficiency, and little apparent pain. Even losing his spacehog, Lobo saves the planet Colubut with Brainac and Pulsar Stargrave escaping. Contrary to the personality of their “last son”, Czarnians were a peaceful race.

Marvel crossover series, he fought Wolverine and lost due to popular vote by fans. In addition, Lobo has fought the Teen Titans and Blue Beetle in their respective titles in order to stop a rocket for the Reach, in which he failed.

Lobo () #1 – Comics by comiXology: Web UK

It is revealed that the fight was staged by Atrocitus himself. It is revealed then the “client” is none other than Darlene, who wanted to see him back in his prime rather than see olbo sink even deeper into sloth. Lobo debuts in Justice League vs. He kommiks has one rule: Alternative versions of Lex Luthor Alternative versions of Supergirl. List of imprint publications. Post-imprint June — August In issue 41 of Deadpoola separate Marvel series, Lobo was parodied as “Dirty Wolff”, a large blue-skinned man who drove a demonic motorcycle.

A battle between the two makes it unclear which of them survived. If he has a counter-contract for even more money then he will fulfill the new one.


A new series featuring this version of Lobo debuted in October [11] [12] and was scheduled to be canceled with its December issue. Crisis On Two Earths Spoilers”. For instance, Lobo can regenerate out of a pool of his own blood, apparently recycling the cells.

Lobo (1993-1999) #61

Lobo has both clashed and cooperated with Superman. DC Comics superheroes DC Comics supervillains Comics characters introduced in comics debuts DC Comics aliens Fictional characters who can duplicate themselves Fictional characters who have made pacts with devils DC Comics komijs with accelerated healing DC Comics characters with superhuman strength DC Comics titles Extraterrestrial supervillains Fictional bikers Fictional bounty hunters Fictional mass murderers Fictional mercenaries Fictional sole survivors Characters created by Keith Giffen Extraterrestrial superheroes Supervillains with their own comic book titles.

He has however shown in all their meetings, to be a match in strength for Etrigan the Demon. Lobo was first introduced as a hardened villain in the s, but soon fell out of use with writers. Lobo possesses an amazingly developed sense of smell, which allows him to track objects between solar systems, as well as a separate tracking ability enabling him to track an individual across galactic distances. In the mini-series The Last Czarnian and elsewhere, it is stated that the cloning and healing abilities are traits possessed by all Czarnians, as is the apparent ability to survive in the vacuum of space.

After helping the lost heroes defeat Lady Styxhe brings the Emerald Eye to the triple-headed fish god, who agrees to release Lobo from his vow of non-violence in exchange. Like many comic book characters, Lobo’s body is highly muscular, though his initial appearances were much leaner and less bulky compared to later iterations.

The three main characters are the “last sons” of their respective races, and are gathered by an alien collector who seeks to destroy all life, choosing to go after these three to start his collection until they escape and defeat him. Imprint September — June List of imprint publications. Author The Comic Guy. He ceases fighting when he learns Aquaman is not only a friend to dolphins but was raised by them.


Apokolips New Gods Thanos.

Koiks, due to Lobo’s interference in a planetary conflict in the same lobi, Al later gets a package through the Tesseract for Lobo — which promptly blows the diner up, yet again. This popularity led to the character having a much higher profile in DC Comics stories from then on, as well as starring roles in various series in the decades since.

Most of his children are slain in a battle with the ‘Brutish’ empire, a race of aliens who had decided to take the empty planet for their own.

It is of his own design and, despite its size, it is capable of extended and speedy travel throughout space. He was komks able to scavenge parts from a destroyed time hopper and attach them to his own bike, producing a working time machine.

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There, he is attacked by Perverso koomiks, who then reveals himself to be Clayman, the team’s shapeshifter, who admits he impersonated Perverso to get rid of Lobo. Last Sons and Lobo Annual 3 Vol 2 Views Read Edit View history. Further, it protects those in its immediate vicinity from the hazards of space and somehow permits the ability to breathe and speak. When space-bike-riding renegade Lobo made his debut during the “Citadel War” storyline in The Omega Men by Roger Slifer and artist Keith Giffen, he was hardly recognizable as the rebellious anti-hero who would become one of the best-selling DC lobbo of the s.