15 Items ItemName: Lego Control Center, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Set complete (but without pen) with instructions and box. Set number: ; Name: Control Centre; Also known as: Technic Control Centre; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme: Technic; Subtheme. Set # TECHNIC Control Center. Theme: LEGO Need building instructions? Submit instruction page . Please visit

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The method used to achieve this is quite clever and is described below. A baseplate is used as a platform.

Instructions For LEGO 8094 Universal Set with computer control

Based on the motor’s loaded rotation rate of rpm, the rotation rate of the arm is about 1. The red and blue outputs are labeled “N-S” and “E-W”. The other motor drives the slewing motion and is located in the base.

There is obviously some limit to the amount of memory on the system so it can only record a certain number of inputs, however, I have never found the limit.

Final gear reduction is 3: A belt comes next, driven by a pair of pulleys. Since the weight is unbalanced, it tends to rotate the axle.

The weight has an axle slot at one end. Model by Oego Wendl. Motorized Rotating 894 The arm can be rotated side to side using a motor contained in the fixed base. The motor drives an 8 tooth spur gear into a 24 tooth spur.

LEGO Universal Set with computer control Instructions , Technic

The weight drives a instructionx of 8 tooth spur gears. The jib can only be driven one direction; you can’t go backwards. The motor drives a pulley through a belt and then a set of 16 tooth insttuctions gears. In this position, the path from the motors to the end effector is as follows.


They are controlled by a 4 way control pad on the right. Finally come an 8, a 24, and a 40 tooth spur gear. The motor drives a set of 8 and 24 tooth spur gears followed by two pairs of 16 tooth spurs.

Instructions for 8094-1 – Technic Control Center

The remote control system has no means to lift the pen, so the plot is typically one continuous series of lines as shown in the example image.

This drives through a set of pulleys using a belt. There are 3 motorized functions despite the fact that there are only two motors. Click for an animation of the crane slewing. Because the 2 long arms of instrucitons 4 bar linkage are different lengths 1 stud differencethe arm changes shape and lifts. The motor drives a pulley through a belt hidden behind the turntable in inwtructions computer image.

When you are done recording the program, you push Stop and it is stored to memory, even if the unit is switched off. The outrigger arms are prevented from rotating inside the body by tightly placed tiles about and below. The pulley then drives a 24 tooth crown gear through a worm gear, resulting in a reduction of about Motorized Lifting Jib The jib can be raised and lowered using the upper motor, but only by driving the motor in a single direction. Final reduction is As the outriggers reach their most outboard position, the attached liftarms become knstructions vertical, supporting the weight of the crane without backdriving.


Click for an animation of the boom lifting.

Motorized Lifting and Grasping End Effector. Motorized Lifting and Grasping End Effector The motorized lifting and grasping end effector is practically magic. The boom can only be driven one direction; you can’t go backwards. Once a memory is selected, you can push Program and the system will record your inputs, including duration, and including pauses.

Since the lebo pass up through the turntable they will become twisted if it rotates too far. The motors can be used independently to create horizontal or vertical lines, or together to create diagonal lines. The difference between these two types of motion can be seen using a close study of the animation. The belt system allows the gears to slip instead of stalling the motor when reaching the axis end stop.

Revolution of these elements causes an osciallation of the boom up and down. Finally, two sets of 14 tooth bevel gears drive the liftarms which make up the end effector. Next, a worm gear drives a 24 tooth crown.

A 24 tooth crown then drives a large 40 tooth spur gear on the third blue axle.