IMO approved Channel GPS WAAS Navigator for mandatory installations. The Koden KGP GPS Navigator, 18 Channel, WAAS, IMO, DC Voltage is fully compliant with new IMO requirements and can be used as a. View and Download Koden KGP operation manual online. GPS Navigation. KGP GPS pdf manual download.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, translated in any form by any means without the written permission of Koden Electronics Co.

The technical descriptions contained in this publication are subject to change without notice. Koden assumes no responsibility for any errors, incidentals or consequential damages caused by misinterpretation of the descriptions contained in this publication. KGP Preface Safety Precautions Disconnect Main Power It is still possible to receive an electric shock caused by unintentionally switching on the power during repair work.

You are requested to be fully aware of the meaning of lgp symbol before carrying out inspection and maintenance of this equipment. Alarm mark To handle the equipment ignoring this sign may lead to injury to the human body or damage to the equipment.

Structure of this manual This manual is divided into sections according to the contents as described below. This arrangement will help you overview the whole contents as well as refer to detailed information for your specific kgl. Preface KGP Chapter 5: KGP General Information 1. MU With vinyl cover 0. Chapter 3 KGP Specifications 3. Chapter 4 Installation 4. In case you use M4 screws to fix the display, select an appropriate screw length that best kp fixing the unit to the panel thickness.

Chapter 4 KGP Installation 4. Objects placed above the antenna unit or too close to the antenna unit may cause signal to noise ratio to degrade and shorten measuring time. KGP Chapter 4 Installation 4. Pull the tape end to stretch its length to be doubled and wind it overlaid by half to 3 plies. When winding is completed, apply gentle pressure over the surface with fingers to expedite the fusion.

Output signal level is RS The name and function of each part Selects parameters Cursor shift Left Cursor shift Right.

Koden KGP 920 IMO GPS

Initial message during power-on. The receiver is performing the self-check. Message to indicate checking of GPS receiver and display has been completed. Indicates your present position as numerical data. Displays a bearing circle with your boat positioned at the graph center.

It shows the bearing, course, deviation, distance and cross track error from the waypoint. When you store additional positions, the oldest position is deleted and the newest position is stored in its place. The time display that is shown when the elapsed time has exceeded 99 minutes 59 seconds after the MOB key was pressed.


Fixedstorage date, storage time Storage position Data displayed when you press EVT key Symbol, storage date, storage time Storage position 5. Press to backspace the NOTE: Press to clear incorrect cursor to correct an input Input.

You can reenter error. Anchoring point or other ships: You can change a comment stored in memory. To change a display page: When the distance to WPT is further than the range radius of navigation graph, the WPT locates on the circle of navigation graph.

You can set a course width from Menu 6: Then, the WPT marking closes to your ship. Route Input screen is displayed. You can also reverse the navigation route to return to the start point.

Koden KGP-920 Operation Manual

To do so, you must first store the waypoints and route from Menu using option 2. Positioning has failed or the distance Press this key has exceeded nm, sm or km. Once the anchor position is stored in memory, it is easy to check the distance and bearing moved from the anchor position. You can set the unit of track distance interval from the Menu 2: This alarm function will not work if the alarm range is set to “0. Chapter 7 KGP Alarms 7.

The alarm function does not work if the alarm range is set to ‘0.

KGP Chapter 7 Alarms 7. You can select an option from Menu in two ways: This gkp explains how to enter numeric values for easy understanding, but you can also use the cursor for option selection. The signals from kgo satellites are used for two-dimensional positioning, but signals from 4 or more satellites are required for three-dimensional positioning. If failed, the positioning accuracy may be worsened.

The data can be set in either metric or imperial system. KGP Chapter 8 Setup Procedure Selecting a station in the manual mode Internal beacon receiver system In the manual mode ktp internal beacon receiver system, specify the station number between and Press to clear incorrect Kggp.

You can reenter Numeric data. Press to clear incorrect input. This stabilizes the GPS position latitude and longitudespeed and course data. There are two navigation modes. The shortest course on a sphere. Straight course on a Mercator chart. Menu is initialized and the screen for powering off will appear. Press the EVT key, then specify desired registration numbers in the range of to from the numerical keypad.


Initial setup for LOPs display To turn on the LOPs mode, the following initial setup is required. Cursor Secondary station 92 Secondary station Are the connections between the 1.

Check the connection and GPS antenna and the display unit reconnect, if necessary.

Autonomous Sentence type D: Differential Talker device M: Autonomous UTC of position fix Cursor A small E is displayed at the end of the way point identifier to show KGP is in external mode. Route identifier shows maximum leading 5 characters of the original route name while waypoint identifier shows maximum leading 6 characters of the original waypoint name.

When consecutive more than single routes are received. KGP judges data transfer is ended when more than 10 second interruption of data transfer occurs.

The Complete route is stored as number 19 route. As far as KGP receives Working route data within 10 seconds consecutively, it continues to work kvp the received working route. Refer to IEC for detail.

Page of Go. Page 42 Page 43 Page 44 – Storing a new position or updating an ex Page 45 – Copying a position Page 46 – Changing comment I. D Page 47 – Setup of waypoint navigation Page 48 – Reentering the starting point in waypoin Page 49 – C NAV3 screen during waypoint navigati Page 50 – Cross track error and course deviation a Page 63 – B NAV2 screen during anchor position s Initial setting Page 88 – Changing sail mode Page 89 – Menu 9: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Chapters Table Of Contents Summary of Contents for Koden KGP Page 2 No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, translated in any form by any means without the written permission of Koden Electronics Co.

Chapter 4 Installation Chapter 4 Installation 4. Flush Mounting 4 Put the display on the opening and fix with four 4 tapping screws.

Koden KGP Wheel Marked GPS for NON SOLAS VESSELS

Page 79 KGP Chapter 8 Setup Procedure Selecting a station in the manual mode Internal beacon receiver system In the manual mode of internal beacon receiver system, specify the station number between and Route Data Transfer When consecutive more than single routes are received.

Kbp Route Navigation Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Enter text from picture: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.