Eagle (Saladin Trilogy) [Jack Hight] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Salah ad-Din, or Saladin as he is known to the Franks, was a Kurd. THE SALADIN TRILOGY: EAGLE, KINGDOM, and HOLY WAR And here’s more info to take you beyond the books: 1) Conquest and Anarchy: The. Jack Hight is an American author who has released four books – Siege, based on the Fall of Constantinople and a trilogy based on the life of Saladin: Eagle.

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Jack Hight

Yes, the characters may come out a bit thin and one-dimensional, and the prose certainly leaves much to be desired Hght has all the plot elements trrilogy a medieval historical novel aimed at western sensibilities I do hate it when I forgo writing updates on a jwck I’m reading, makes it all the harder to review them in the end.

Do you really believe that an ambitious person like Yousef will risk his career by sleeping with the King’s wife??? The World According to Anna. Too many coincidences, too many implausible last-minute rescues give it a pulp story without pulp adventure. What killed my interest is the dialogue. We also follow the fortunes of a Christian called John, who is bought by the boy, still then called Yusuf.

I suppose i could give it more stars, but it was very very biased.

The first book follows how young Yusuf, in the shadow of his brutal brother, comes across John, a Christian knight, after a battle at Damascus following which he is taken prisoner. Added by 1 of our members.

I look forward the the conclusion of the trilogy and what it means for the friendship between John and Saladin. He battled, and in the end tamed King Richard of England, who was called the Lionhearted and well deserved his savage name. Or at the very least will encourage you to read his Higght article. More books by Jack Hight. According to his website it was during his sophomore year at Harvard that he first read about the fall of Constantinople, which he later based his first book on.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. What a shame as I was enoying the ‘who fathered whos children’ bits.

I won’t be bothering with the remaining two books in the series. The things the character’s do, how they react and what trilpgy say, it feels like it’s written to hiight up to a point. The w This is how you do justice to the era referred to as the Crusades.


This is, of course, wholly appropriate for the plot arc, as is the warfare that is becoming more and more prevalent and central as the story progresses. I was also aware that it is written by a historian and though contains many facts is also fictitious. I found this book interesting as Western portrayals of the Crusades usually inevitably focus on the Christian side of things and only give you glimpses of Saladin.

The book isn’t perfect, there’s saaladin usual historical inaccuracies, but Hight shows a real understanding of the issues at hand and is obviously very knowledgeable and well researched on this period of history. Book Two of the Saladin Trilogy. I will look for the second one. If I’m honest I got this book because there were no new books around by writers who write books about the Roman period, so being interested in the time that this story is set around and the events of the Crusades, I thought I’d give it a go and was pleasantly surprised.

Now once again I have misunderstood exactly what means. Couple that with High’s clear knowledge of the era of the Second Crusade and the world in which the future Saladin grew up, and also his understanding and presentation of Islam and the Islamic peoples of the time, and it creates a story that is not only fresh and interesting, but also informative and revealing.

He then faints a punch to the left and with his right staggers John with a crunching blow to the jaw. The first one went fairly well, thanks for asking. Good scene setting but poorly written female trjlogy were a disappointment.

This is the 12th century, every male everywhere in the world was trained to fight, and in a war territory which the Middle East definitely was it was mandatory. As secretary to first the King of Jerusalem and then Richard the Lion Hearted, John becomes embroiled in the conspiracies and treachery of the court of Jerusalem. There was a lot of poetic license taken in the making of the film and the screen plot, however the character that intrigued me the most was the Saracen commander Saladin.

I’ve been searching for great novels of the Crusades, and I’m currently reading Baudolino by Umberto Eco the style is not much of my liking so farbut Jack Hight had presented exactly what I was looking for.

So the highg begins with John, a Saxon from England who was forced to flee and take the crusade. There are a few books out there regarding Salahuddin but this one seemed like a good start.


Jack Hight – Wikipedia

While there is an invented character for sympathy more than anything and to present potentially a balanced view, the book reverses the standard trope by actually having Muslims trilogt the more cultured race as compared to the Christians. Nov 03, Mina rated it it was amazing. Jan 04, Nora rated it did not like it Shelves: Hardcoverpages. Salah ad-Din, or Saladin as he is known to the Franks, was a Kurd, the son of a despised people, and yet he became Sultan of Egypt jac, Syria.

Holy War: Book Three of the Saladin Trilogy by Jack Hight – Books – Hachette Australia

Now here is my problem, I have not a clue which bits of this book are real. Ran out of steam towards the end, its not trailblazing but its decent enough and I will certainly give the second book a try.

It has all the plot elements of a medieval historical novel aimed at western sensibilities, and it succeeds in most regards. The aspect I most enjoyed about this book and the second in the series was finding out more about the Crusades from the less common Islamic, Arab, Saladin perspective rather than the Christian one which most authors who cover this period focus on.

We get to see the contrast in cultures in aspects like medicine as well as similarities.

Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention. Feb 20, Sarah Lameche rated it liked it Shelves: The real story is about a young Kurd named Yusuf ibn Ayub, who in time triloy known as Saladin, translated as “Eagle”.

When it comes to historical fiction there’s just something so right about a Jack Hight novel. The two young men become closer as John trains Yusuf in how to fight with his hands and swords but again this has to be done secretly because of the religious and social divide, which is all written very well.

I look forward to reading more works from this triloggy.