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The triglyceride suitable for the composition can be defined as ifgalube ester of a straight-chain C10 to C22 fatty acid and glycerol which has an iodine number of between 50 and The oils tested are given in the Table 9. The lubricant to be tested is spread on the plate, and it is exposed to the ambient air oxygen during the tests. A hydraulic fluid made of a base composition according to claim 5, characterized in that it has the following composition: The present invention is concerned with hydraulic fluids based on oily triglycerides of fatty acids.

Refined rape seed oil: Igralube pressure was generated by gear pumps and the power was taken out by means of cylinder-piston devices. Irgalubeamino phosphate derivative, Ciba-Geigy; Irganox Lmixture of tertiary-butyl phenol derivatives, Ciba-Geigy; Reomet 39, triazole derivative, Ciba-Geigy; Anqlamol 75, zinc dialkyldithio-phosphate, Lubrizol; ENkortacid T derivative, Akzo Chemie; Hitecmixture of tertiary-butyl phenol derivatives.


The triglycerides described in the said specification GB 2 are glycerol esters of fatty acids, and the chemical structure of the said irgalybe can be defined by irgaoube of the following formula: A hydraulic fluid made of a base composition according to 3349 5, characterized in that it has the following composition:. The oxidation has many negative effects to the properties of a natural triglyceride based hydraulic fluid, wherefore the fluid has to be replaced by fresh fluid more frequently than fluids based on hydrocarbon oils.

The oxidation causes also foaming of the fluid, the filtration properties of the fluid are decreased, and the higher water solubility causes problems in the hydraulic system.


The lubricating properties were compared also by using a gear system, which test is described in the following Example 5.

IRGALUBE – SpectraBase

The viscosity index of the triclyceride oils is apparently also more stable against mechanical and heat stresses existing in the hydraulic systems than the viscosity index of the hydraulic fluids based on formulated mineral oils and containing polymeric viscosity index improves.

This is of considerable importance under conditions in which the operating temperature may vary within rather wide limits. In the same test also the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic systems 2 and 3 was recorded during the test period and the results are given in the following table 8.

The following Table 7 gives the viscosity of the oils after a prolonged time in operation. Elastomer compatible seal swell additive for automatic transmission fluids, power transmission fluids and hydraulic steering applications. In addition it can be expected that the ability of the polar triglyceride molecule to adhere onto metallic surfaces improves the lubricating properties of these triglycerides.

The only property of the natural triglycerides which has shown to impede their intended use for hydraulic purposes is their tendency to be easily oxidized.

In order to avoid these problems caused by oxidation the working temperature of the hydraulic system is to be kept lower than when hydrocarbon based oils are used. A vegetable oil based hydraulic fluid was tested using as a reference a commercial mineral oil based hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic fluids based on natural triglycerides.

Irgalube 349

Combination of phosphate based additives and sulfonate salts for hydraulic fluids and lubricating compositions. For instance the viscosity of the natural triglyceride hydraulic fluid is increased due to the oxidation. The lubricative properties of a hydraulic fluid based on the triglyceride composition of the invention were tested by using the testing method described in the following example 4.


The viscosity indexes of triglycerides are clearly higher than those of hydrocarbon oils with no additives, so that triglycerides are to their nature so-called multigrade oils. Preferred amount of the anti-oxidant s in the fluid is 1. The petroleum-based hydraulic fluids involve, however, a number of environmental and health risks. During the test the oxygen pressure in the vessel was determined. In this example the stability of the irgalune fluids against oxidative degradation was tested.

Hydrocarbons may constitute a cancer risk when in prolonged contact with the skin, as well as a risk of damage to the lungs when inhaled with the air. Alkylene oxide iryalube of phosphosulfurized N- hydroxyalkyl alkenylsuccinimides.

Iraglube test results of Table 8 indicate that the efficiency of the system containing the vegetable oil based fluid decreased slower than that of the mineral oil based fluid.

IOCL Supply of Amine phosphate either Irgalube ST 4 Tender Notice

The fluids were tested with an apparatus according to the test method ASTM D by introducing into a pressure vessel ml of the fluid to be tested. In the tests conducted the ball was pressed towards irgaube plate by a force of 40 N during its reciprocating movement having an amplitude of 5 mm and a frequency of 20 Hz. Such oils, 3349 iodine number of irgaluube is usually higher than and which are used i.

One such a natural base component for hydraulic fluids is the oily triglycerides, as suggested in the patent specification GB 2 From the base composition according to the invention can be made hydraulic fluids for different purposes by adjusting its viscosity.

The viscosities and viscosity indexes of certain triglycerides are given in Table 2.