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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Mhowan rejected a call by the ri-jNazi League for a ban on: At an extraordinary news con- ference in the South.

He announced his decision to retire from the premiership after 12 years, but to stand for the vaean-t. He gave no clue about the cause of his ill-health, but said he had been persuaded to stay on in a less arduous post. His dramatic announcement on in Namibia could lead to a demand Mr.

Vorster announcing bis decision. By Jits side one possible successor, Mr. Instead, and I the internal and external forces in response to appeals made to Rhodesia, who ought other- him, he had decided to stand for wise have been persuaded to the State ; Presidency, left vacant for rapid imposition of selective adopt a similar compromise.

Council, diplomats warned here ment could scarcely have come The 1391w on Namibia 13931q tonight. Bourne family, has accepted the the Insifht soccer, chim- hid. S e 7 nkey and animals living in jailing conditions at a zoo on CatherineVl5iand. Proby was charged r. SO It a ml Duflfas – ‘ Tarmac ; Thorn EUfecr. The Department of Employ- ment said yesterday that at the end of the vfage round 99 per cpnt of settlements by major groups bad been within the policy guidelines.

Council workers prepare for confrontation and BBC seeks special treatment Back Page not make a significant difference to insihgt outcome. More people were waiting to settle at the same stage of Phase Two.

The late settlements in the two years are likely to balance each other out. Denis Healey, Chancellor The. Ford Rotors’ -Vazachall Motors add other- companies. The higher growth in earnings lends.

The Phase Two outcome was raised from 8. Multi- capita levels overstated thejr broadcast all subsidiaries of position. Thnim -Television Rentals and Thorn said, last night that, companies may- be- necessury. This was due insighg to a number of factors, including. The Com- mission found For Visionhire the figure- was 13 per cent. Botit the Thorn companies and. The Financial scandal 16 monetary follies Croup 22 23 24 31 Base Leadlna Rates n.


World Wide Web Access Statistics for

The Swiss franc reached a new rerord fete! This widened from 8. The market’s nervousness appeared tu reflect second thoughts about the Camp David agreement on the Middle East.

The uncertainty was increased by the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian reactions. These influences offset the apparently encouraging news of progress on the U-S. Its peak, the Swiss franc touched SwFr 1. The West German currency was also strong, rising ro Insigght 1. The pressures on Ibe currency market brought strains on the European snake joint Boating arrangement. The pound ineight SI. Sterling’s trade-weighted Index touched This compared with However, the Government insists that the new measures do not amount to nationalisation — a step proposed by the Socialists and tbe Communists in the general election six months ago.

Tbe move is the second large- scale State intervention in the industry in IS months. In the spring of last year, the Govern- ment agreed a plan with the industry to shed Rene Monory, the French i Economics Minister, claimed today that the Government action was the only way to achieve a rapid reduction in the burden of debt repayments.

Debt servicing of the three groups affected — Usinor. Sacilor and Cbiers-Chntillon — is running at more than 15 per cent of turn- over.

Monory said, was the 13931 way to ensure a reasonable future for the It would protect the savings of thousands of small investors. When restructuring is com- plete. This means that of all the leading EEC steel producers, only West Germany will retain a predomi- nantly privately-owned industry.

Over the last tfc. Its outplit la-t year was R3ni tonnes and it employed Sacilor has losl FFr4. Cbiers-Ctutilion had a produc- tion Iasi year of 1. The main principle of the rescue is that the Stale and the banks will each coo vert a. Imsight on the remaining amounts outstanding will be limited to a nominal 0. In return for this sacrifice, the creditors will take control of about two-thirds of the three companies and will appoint new chairmen, although the Govern- ment emphasised that it would oot interfere in the industrial operation of the groups.

The commercial banks have FFr 9. They will convert FFr BOOra into capital to give them a 30 per cent stake in the three controll- ing companies. The remainder will receive the 0. The Govern- ment will convert FFr3O0ra of-its FFr Bbn credits into capital ‘ Altogether, the state win hold 15 per cent of the new controll- ing companies: State-controlled institutions, excluding the banks.

And the list is growing all the time. So there must be some powerful attractions. With two major airports close by. Like possible rentfree periods and maximum government grants. With plenty of room for expansion when you need it. But one of the main attractions is the place itself.


With golf courses a few minutes away and three miles of 1 lovely sandy beaches right on your doorstep, Irvine is abeautiful place to make money.

As Beech am, Volvo and others insoght discovered when they went into partnership with the highly professional staff of Irvine Development Corporation. The team which has helped over a hundred and twenty firms base their business in Irvine on something more substantial than faithaione.

No. 102 May 2002 MAIN THEME: CB TEST

Hell send you the nutsand bolts. The rumpus was carried on in public, dominating the head- lines of Turkish newspapers for -the past two months, after fer- menting for nearly six. Muezzinoglu wanted to dis- miss Mr. Muezzinoglu told me in an ‘. I W3nt to reinforce its credibility and the respect it commands.

Sadiklar embraces the right- ‘ wing views of Mr. Demirel rather than the Ecevit left-of. Muezzinoglu wanted to dis- miss the governor not because they disagreed on financial mat-. Sadiklar to leave as soon as the Ecevit Government was formed eight months ago.

In one respect there was noth- ing unusual in this request. Italian lira by 1. The Canadian dollar lost value against the Turkish lira by 1. Sadiklar refused, and put up a tough resistance which many international bankers did not expect of this soft-spoken academician.

But perhaps it was unfortunate that Mr. Dismissal, -however, was not easy.

World Wide Web Access Statistics for

Sadiklar will take bis case to Danistay. The ineight wrangle will continue with the Right-wing rallying around Insihht. But It is unlikely that the professor will return to his newly furbished office In the bank. Naci Tibet, a veteran bank official, has been designated acting Governor. Muezzinoglu will appoint a new man. International bankers believe that the rumpus will affect neither Turkisb-IMF relations nor the work on restructuring old debts and raising fresh money. The hank bureaucrats who have been heavily involved in these fields arc expected to slay on.

The Central Bank is expected to keep a tight rein on money supply, credit and similar sensi- tive subjects as it did under Mr. Sadiklar after the deal was signed with the IMF. The transfer of power is thus expected to be smooth. Sadiklar now should be aware of one reality — he stands at risk of being dismissed a.