The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit, multi- stakeholder organization established in to promote responsible management of. This website uses cookies to improve our website activity. Learn more I agree. FSC Nederland. FSC Nederland. FSC. Back; Waarom FSC? Back; 10 redenen. FSC stelt wereldwijde standaarden voor bosbeheer op, met daaraan gekoppeld een keurmerk. Basis voor deze standaarden, die per land of.

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Some companies also choose timber certification as a tool to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Environment portal Forestry portal.

FSC ISO Logo Vector

Uw drukker moet gecertificeerd zijn om uw huisstijl te mogen voorzien van dit keurmerk. The FSC Label is an example of the use of public purchasing power to create shifts in industry and regulate the negative environmental impacts of deforestation. In addition, governments are forbidden from being members of the FSC and their only engagement with FSC is as land owners. Only an FSC accredited certification body can evaluate, monitor and certify companies to FSC standards, and only continuous compliance can assure that certificate holders can keep their certificates; these holders are charged an annual fee to renew their accreditation.


Forest Stewardship Council – Wikipedia

This includes an office audit and the witnessing of one or more trial audits in the field. Het type label dat gebruikt moet worden is afhankelijk van de samenstelling van het papieren product. This article may be unbalanced towards certain viewpoints.

The politics of self-governance. Archived from the original on 8 July This resulted in the removal of the license to certify from the Thai company, Forest Industry Organisation.

Coppicing Forest farming Forest gardening Logging Manufacturing lumber plywood pulp and paper sawmilling Products biochar biomass charcoal non-timber palm oil rayon rubber tanbark Rail transport Tree farm Christmas trees Wood engineered fuel mahogany teak Woodworking. Brazil kdurmerk and other environmental services such as clean water and air and carbon sequestration.

FSC International sets the framework for developing and maintaining international, national and sub-national standards. American Forest and Paper Association.


More information, for example, on the current validity and content of this certificate, can be obtained by consulting the FSC Certificates Database at info. Tropical deforestation as a global concern rose to prominence in keurmeri s and can be somewhat attributed to a fight for action by environmentalists and northern countries over the need to protect tropical woodland.

Hard choices, soft law: Retrieved from ” https: Public information for certified customers. There are a number of certification schemes for forest management apart from FSC certification. Depending on the seriousness of the infringement, the timeline can go from one year for minor administrative infringements to immediate action for major infringements.

Dit certificeren wordt gedaan door onafhankelijke certificeerders. But it also keuemerk ongoing weaknesses, including lack of guidance on HCVFs and activities in controversial areas like the Congo Basin and problems with the Controlled Wood label, the Chain of Custody system and logo integrity.

In Octoberworldwide, 8. In America the consultation process that eventually led to the establishment of the FSC was initiated in and concluded in the confirmation of support for the development of a voluntary worldwide certification and accreditation governance system that would cover all forest types.

Theories of democratic network governance. The range of member organizations illustrates the diversity of support for FSC.

It is up to a company to initiate the certification process by kehrmerk the services of an independent certification body to inspect its internal tracking procedures. In the neoliberal view, market based methods are seen as one of the most effective and efficient ways to meet environmental goals. Maintenance of High Conservation Value Forests HCVFs defined as forests containing environmental and social values that are considered to be of outstanding significance or critical importance.

A potential certification body must gain FSC accreditation to be able to evaluate, monitor and certify companies to FSC standards.

Keurkerk or indirectly, FSC addresses issues such as illegal loggingdeforestation and global warming and some reports indicate positive effects on economic development, environmental conservation keurerk, poverty alleviation and social and political empowerment.

Source FSC wood – using the FSC Woodfinder Database

To understanding our HK Forest organization structure? Appropriate monitoring and assessment activities to assess the condition of the forest, management activities and their social and environmental impacts.


Despite the increased level of concern on the run-up to the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, tensions between the North and the global South over access to finance and technology for the preservation of forests protracted negotiations. This FSC claim is of particular importance for dealing with the correct paperwork in the supply chain.

Numerous governments worldwide have strengthened market-based incentives for timber certification by providing tax benefits to certified companies, referencing certified products as requirements in their procurement policies [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] and supporting projects linked to FSC through their international development agencies. Blog De beste promotie voor een volhoudbare samenleving.

SLIMF adapts the FSC system to the realities and needs of small and low intensity forest operations by offering special streamlined fsx, with less rigorous requirements for a number of its forest management criteria. If minor non-compliances are noted, the certificate can be issued with conditions that have to be met within a clearly determined timeframe.

Het is dan ook hopen dat deze keurmerken snel tot het verleden behoren. Leave a Comment Klik hier om je antwoord te annuleren. An Early Test and Future Prospects”. Stop the Forest Liars: Ook stelt het geen eisen aan het productieproces van papier bijv. The FSC transnational NGO network demonstrates theories of global governancemore specifically in governance network theory.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Posted at 12 juni By: The exact number and distribution of ASI assessments takes a number of complex factors into account geographic areas, policies or products that carry increased risk and the number of FSC certificates handled by an accredited certification body, and is meant to ensure that the certification services delivered by the certifier meet the requirements of the FSC.

It claims that fzc managed to its standards offer benefits to both local and wider communities and these are said to include cleaner air and water, and a contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change.