These commands are provided by GLUT (the OpenGL Utility Toolkit). GLUT provides commands to create windows, subwindows, and menus; and to handle . The OpenGL programming world owes a tremendous debt to Mr. Mark J. Kilgard for writing the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, or GLUT. The GLUT library of functions. Now that we have a static image on the screen, we want to move to the next step. A changing image. We can specify a function for. GLUT to use.

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Before jumping into OpenGL, you will first learn how to build the code that goes with each tutorial, how to run it, and most importantly, how to play with the code yourself. No special prerequisite is needed to follow these tutorials.

Experience with any programming langage C, Java, Lisp, Javascript, whatever is better to fully understand the code, but not needed; it will merely be more complicated to learn two things at the same time.

Lots of effort has been made to make the code as simple as possible. No templates, no classes, no pointers.

Looking for a good FreeGlut tutorial – C++ Forum

This way, you will be able to understand everything even if you only know Java. If you know about something that looks like glBeginforget it.

So forget everything you might know before your brain melts from the mix. All tutorials can be built on Windows, Linux and Mac. For all these platforms, the procedure is roughly the same:.

Detailed procedures will now be given for each platform. Adaptations may be required. If unsure, freevlut the instruction for Windows and try to adapt them. In the first line, navigate to the unzipped folder. Fgeeglut unsure, choose the folder that contains the CMakeLists. For instance, you can choose C: Notice that it can be anywhere, not necessarily in the same folder. In the Build menu, click Build All. Every tutorial and dependency will be compiled. Each executable will also be copied back into C: Hopefuly no error occurs.


You can also feeglut any tutorial from inside Visual Studio. You can now debug the code by pressing F5. In particular, this one has built-in support for CMake, and it will provide a much nicer experience when debugging.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – Setting up freeGLUT on Linux

Here are the instructions for QtCreator:. Due to 2 bugs one in C:: You also have to setup the working directory yourself: You should run the tutorials directly from the right directory: If you like command line best, cd to the right directory.

However, you will never modify these projects: Torture it in any way you like. We will provide tutorrial of code all along the tutorials.

It will prove very useful soon. Build this and run. A window should appear, and be closed right away.

We need to wait until the user hits the Escape key:. And this concludes our first tutorial! In Tutorial 2, you will learn how to actually draw a triangle. freeg,ut

GLUT Tutorial – Source Code and Projects

Blocks Running the tutorials How to follow these tutorials Opening a window Introduction Welcome to the first tutorial! Prerequisites No special prerequisite is needed to follow these tutorials. Building the tutorials All tutorials can be built on Windows, Linux and Mac. For all these platforms, the procedure is roughly the same: Building on Windows Updating your drivers should be easy.


If unsure about your Freegout model: We suggest using Visual Studio Express for Ffeeglut as a compiler. You can download it for free here. Install whichever you want.

GLUT Tutorial

Download CMake from here and install it Download the source code and unzip it, for instance in C: Click on the Configure button. Since this is the first time you configure the project, CMake will ask you which compiler you would like to use.

Choose wisely depending on step 1. Tutoriaal on Configure until all red lines disappear. Your Visual Studio project is now created. You can now forget about CMake. You will see a Tutorials. A black window should appear. Install the latest drivers.

We highly recommend the closed-source binary drivers. Here are the instructions for QtCreator: Click on the hammer on the bottom. Example for tutorial 2: Your Xcode project is now created.

You can forget about CMake. Blocks Due to 2 bugs tutoriall in C:: Running the tutorials You should run the tutorials directly from the right directory: Ttorial a window Finally! Always include it before gl. If you have an Intel GPU, they are not 3. It’s not mentioned before Tutorial 02, tutoriao it can cause flickering, so it’s there nonetheless.