Farther Away has ratings and reviews. MJ said: Franzen’s second collection of non-fic trimmings is as strong as his first, albeit slacking on t. Farther Away: Essays [Jonathan Franzen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this incisive collection of speeches and essays, Jonathan. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for ‘Freedom’ ‘Deeper, funnier, sadder and truer than a work Farther Away: Essays – Kindle edition by Jonathan Franzen.

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Farther Away

No one says that I know of that an essayist’s job is to reveal themselves try to get anyone to define what an essay is in the first place! This book, at a more accessible length, seems very personal, in a way I wouldn’t have expected from a book that collects scraps of his non-fiction writing.

Privacy, for example, which Franzen carefully redefines not as the desire to keep his personal life hidden from others but as the need to be spared “the intrusion of other people’s personal lives” into his own, especially via mobiles.

Some other reviewers have made it sound like the qway is overwhelmingly about birds. I really like Franzen’s books. He suffers so you don’t have to!

Once, not long after I met him, I spotted franzeb new genius friend in a car, while I was out running errands. Fortunately, Franzen’s love of birds unlike, say, Annie Proulx’s ridiculously self-indulgent bird-watching paean Bird Cloud makes for compelling reading.

The guy is a devoted bird watcher! This collection contains heartfelt essays, journalism, and speeches that argue that our smartphones reduce intimacy just as much as they increase it by makin it too fxrther to “like” another person but harder to actually love them and by allowing people to conduct personal phone calls in public spaces, depriving others of much-needed solitude, or, at least, the right to ignore the private lives of strangers. After that, though, there isn’t much else. Wallace is explicitly discussed in several pieces, but his specter looms throughout.


He prefers to deploy awau power as a lobbyist, “a pleader on behalf of yet another underappreciated writer”.

Farther Away (book) – Wikipedia

At its heart are two great essays: Some people may find it heartening to see that even someone as talented, intelligent and self-critical as Mr Franzen cannot avoid including the odd clunker in this his second essay collection.

For me, one of the most grating characters in Freedom was Patty Berglund– and I think there were times you weren’t meant to like her. awy

And yet, when faced with page ornithological essays, I found myself spacing out and wishing for them to end. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Nothing really connects with anything – literary trends, friendships, feuds, history – have been replaced with doctrine and a great deal of noise At times, I felt like a aqay English teacher, urging her student to make me feel why saving endangered bird species or whatever other cause is meaningful. I read anything by Franzen which is better explained in a review for The Corrections and read this collection with excitement.

What colors this collection more than anything is his rage and sorrow over his dead friend, David Foster Wallace.

Farther Away: A Collection by Jonathan Franzen: review

One way or another, the essays in Farther Away are attempts to enlarge the place where literature, and the responsiveness to it, can be preserved.

The same holds true for his work as essayist and occasional critic.

Unfortunately he beats these strengths to death in Farther Away, which is nowhere near as str Few contemporary American writers are as good at ridiculing contemporary America as Jonathan Franzen is.

There is some reasonable chance, however, that it could save your soul. I like Jonathan Franzen best when he’s at his grouchiest. This volume collects a bunch of essays, interviews, and reviews that, according to the info on the book flap, Franzen wrote in the last five years.


Farther Away: A Collection by Jonathan Franzen: review – Telegraph

Which is to say, years after he severed contact with me, he still undermines me – geniuses have a tendency to do that, if you’ll let them. Still though, that grouchiness. Franzen does a good job describing the scarifying effects of awayy a friendship, he never quite brings himself to state the situation baldly: There are some “filler” pieces here–a screed against the annoying use of “then” seems to be one–along with book review Not zway be contrarian, but I think I prefer Franzen’s essays and nonfiction to his fiction.

And you can see him struggling to try and tie a lot of these farfher together in the title piece, which is sort of about loneliness, sort of about birds, sort of about his deep friendship with David Foster Wallace, and sort of about Robinson Caruso, without it really being about any of these things.

In that sense, the essays in Farther Away are not unlike the European songbird poachers he writes about: There’s two more lengthy essays about birds one from a trip to the Mediterranean, where songbirds and other endangered migratory fowl are wway by a culture of hunting and haute cuisineanother to Shanghai, China, where birds are eradicated mostly by the destruction of their habitat.