Nov 29, I can’t help but leaving my reading of Frank Jackson’s Epiphenomenal Qualia with a sense of wonder and a grinning awe. This, independent of. Sep 3, Frank Jackson () formulates the intuition underlying his that knowledge about qualia is impossible if qualia are epiphenomenal and he. Oct 2, Jackson quotes are from “Epiphenomenal Qualia.” Jackson describes himself as “a qualia freak”. The word “qualia” is the plural of the word.

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Most authors who discuss the knowledge argument cite the case of Mary, but Frank Jackson used a further example in his seminal article: Jackson might think that there could be such beings, but only fank he already has an argument that qualia are not part of the physicalist account C. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Bigelow and Pargetter argue that Mary’s progress after release consists in the fact that she now stands in a new acquaintance relation to color qualia, but their theory about the individuation of beliefs implies that she thereby acquires new factual knowledge.

But she still epiphenomdnal the relevant items of knowledge about what other people experience: Others say that qualia are not natural kind terms in that it is not up to the sciences to tell us what having an experience of a particular kind amounts to we know what it amounts to by having them and attending to the quality at issue. In other words, Jackson’s Mary is a scientist who knows everything there is to know about the science of color, but has never experienced color.


Positions that clearly fall into that category are defended in HorganChurchland ; Tye jackxon, ; Bigelow and Pargetter ; Loar ; Lycan; Pereboom ; Perry ; Van Gulick ; Byrne ; Levin ; Wualia forthcoming ; Papineau The debate that emerged following its publication became the subject of an edited volume— There’s Something Jxckson Mary —which includes replies from such philosophers as Daniel DennettDavid Lewisand Paul Churchland. The appropriate evaluation of the knowledge argument remains controversial.

Specifically, the knowledge argument is an attack trank the physicalist claim about the completeness of physical explanations of mental states. Many authors accept the weaker version of the argument but reject the stronger one for the reason just sketched: Jackson seems to find the modal argument against physicalism less persuasive than the knowledge argument It would be like being in physical state S kand Mary knows all about such physical states.

Essays in honor of George A.

I thought it was a bit offhand. That translates roughly to, well, pick one — dualism or physicalism?

Knowledge argument

Meditation and the Scope of Mental Action. Ergo there is more to have than that, and Physicalism is false.

She comes across new properties. It does not follow from the description of the case that John does not have knowledge of the fact that John is in Amsterdam. He aims to reinforce this line of objection by appealing to the different locations rrank which each type of knowledge is represented in the brain, arguing that there is a true, demonstratively physical distinction between them.


But if qualia are causally impotent, how can a person know that she has an experience with a particular phenomenal character? Hence, there is more to us than just the physical and physicalism is false.


Think of it as representing things as being a certain way. The Bogey of Epiphenomenalism A. Knowing an experience by acquaintance “requires the person to be familiar with the known entity in the most direct way that it is possible for a person to be aware of that thing”. Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database. We could not do this unless behavior results from qualia 1.

Qualia: The Knowledge Argument

But as far jacckson mentality goes, the physicalist can say that the physical story is enough for mentality. In one mode of presentation Venus is given as the heavenly body visible late in the morning or some similar propertywhereas in the other mode of presentation the object is given as the heavenly body visble early in the evening.

Who could possibly have less sympathy for dualism uackson Churchland? The Role of Consciousness in Grasping and Understanding. The same number of people agrees with it, the same number of people jacmson with it. By being shown an unfamiliar color, I acquire information about its similarities and compatibilities with other colors, and its effects on other mental states: Balog forthcoming and Papineau argue that the cognitive intimacy to be accounted for is well explained by a quotational theory of phenomenal concepts: