B14P On the purposes of the Cooperativa Instituto de Pecuaria da Bahia, for Canada, by John H. Wesson; The farmer and the wheat problem, by George Bennett. LASSERRE, GEORGE. () Mexico busca un hombre . Agriculture in the City: A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada). This book. Rural Electrification of Coban Municipality, Alta Verapaz Department (Guatemala ) using Intigis Model; Electrificacion Rural en el Municipio de Coban.

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Even though the landslide moved Villa Del Monte landslide were discontinuous, probably because coseismic displacements were small; such discontinuous features were also characteristic of the other large, coseismic landslides in the area, which also moved only short distances during the earthquake.

Geologic data, in combination with geochronologic and oxygen isotopic data, suggest the evolution of SW Mexico with an early ,Ma passive margin, followed by steep subduction in a continental arc setting at Ma, then shallower subduction by Ma, and finally, emplacement of granitoids at Ma.

Since the SSE does not emit seismic waves, which interact with the superficial layers, the result indicates that the velocity change is due to deformation at depth. Isotopic composition of continental and marine waters in Costa Chica, GuerreroMexico. A few 3-station detectors are adopted to capture detailed deformation styles in the tremor “transient zone” and the downdip “sweet spot” as defined in Frank et al.

To describe levels of risky sexual behaviour, HIV testing and HIV knowledge among men and women in Guatemala by ethnic group and to identify gekrges associations between ethnicity and these outcomes. Pilot study of the radiodiagnostic quality control in Habana Cuba.

The heterophyid, Lasserer Phagicola longa, was the helminth numerically dominant in the helminth community of A. Key to the effort was equipping georgfs facilities with a broader range of new and upgraded medical technology.


Breastfeeding and Postpartum Amenorrhea in Rural Guatemala. Full Text Available The recent viability studies carried out in HavanaCubaaccording to natural or georegs aggregates, exhibited high volume production of construction and demolition waste CDW.

El hombre cooperativo

This increase is related with the differential migration, which mentions that the juveniles are the last to leave the wintering cooperatvio. In its recent history Vinicio Cerezo won the election lasserrre, but renewed violence, a failing economy, strikes, corruption, and an inability to deal with infant mortality, illiteracy, and the low quality of health care marked its final years.

This attractant was tested in a number of locally produced traps using 2 I soft drink bottles with different color bottoms. Lassdrre characterization, total, DTPA-extractable and fractionation of metals in rhizospheric and non-rhizopheric samples were carried out to gain information about their potential risks. Inside this context, the present work intends the analysis of the behavior of this concentrations, taken as experimental polygon the municipality Regla in city of Havana.

El hombre cooperativo – Georges Lasserre – Google Books

The inner geometry of the Villa was captured with two Leica Disto D3a BT hand-held laser meters, while the outer walls of the building were surveyed with a Leica C10 and a Cooeprativo Focus 3D terrestrial laser scanners. After the Cuban independencethe Caribbean city fell under the influence of the crescent cooperwtivo of the United States. There was a slow slip event SSE occurring at the time of the earthquake, which may have increased the probability of tremor triggering in the region.

A Reading from the Spanish Estanco.

And inGuatemalalike Cuba so many times before and since, was struck by a fierce, fatal hurricane, opening in its wake a new chapter in the countries’ shared history. The objective of the interconnection is to create an electric market in the region that contributes to reduce costs and prices.

The concentration levels showed this bay as the most polluted in Cuba. The propagation speed of these migrations decreases systematically with time since the previous migration over the same source area. In winter the relations of the tide level with the abundance of Brant were: Several hundred families of Spanish descent and their slaves made new lives in Havana. Subsedimentary gypsum developed in sabkha environments exhibited a sinuous microtexture and poikilitically enclosed detrital particles.


UCDigitalis | University of Coimbra Digital Library

Both communities were found to be dominated by Microleus chthonoplastes, although several morphological species found in the GN mat were absent from the SL mat, including cooprrativo Tropica nigra and the ‘big’ Microleus chthonoplastes component.

We used the inversion by Mendoza and Hartzell coolerativo a 3D velocity model built on the basis of recent investigations in the area, which include a velocity structure of the Valley of Mexico constrained by geotechnical and reflection experiments, and noise tomography, receiver functions, and gravity-based regional models.

Concerns remain about lower effectiveness and waning immunity of rotavirus vaccines in resource-poor populations. Changing Girls’ Education in Guatemala. The paper analyzes the thermal bioclimate and its cooperativoo as urban design factor in Cubausing Physiologically Equivalent Temperature PET.

Total Cu, Zn, and Pb concentration were above those for normal soils.

The data suggested that younger people and men had better physical performance. Returning to Jewish Cuba. The large frieze of the ” Villa of the Mysteries” at Pompeji is interpreted on the base of the psychology of C. Authors characterized each group of women of such classification en a general way and with biological variables.

Metal-to-iron normalization shows moderately severe and severe enrichment by Cu.

Timber and poles, seeds, firewood and leaf litter were the most important forest products. Soil-grass transfer coefficients are in the range 0. To provide evidence for the reorientation of the dengue prevention policy in Cubawe launched an intervention cooprativo to document the effectiveness of a local-level intersectoral approach.