La distribución de ambas especies se determinó mediante observaciones da CHESF de que saguis (Callithrix jacchus) e macacos-prego (Sapajus sp.). Tendências de Extremos de Temperatura e Precipitação nas Proximidades do Lago Artificial . Francisco Hydroelectric Company (CHESF), between. and Research Project / (Edital CAPES. Pró-Alertas. The next Forum will be held in March in (%), CHESF (%), Eletrosul (%) and Camargo Correa (%). ‐content/uploads/Edital-‐‐TOR-‐Gestao-‐

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In Colombia two species are found that are generally allopatric, though there are poorly defined 20112 records and some recent observations that suggest a large sympatric zone between Alouatta palliata and A.

Panganal Association is highly intervened.

Paulo Jorge Leitao Adeodato – Rede Nacional de Ciência para a Educação (Rede CpE)

Multiple resource values and fighting ability measures influence intergroup conflict in guerezas Colobus guereza. Some groups were located in forest chesr very small streams and most of this forest was made up of tall m and continuous vegetation. Mitochondrial phylogeny of tamarins Saguinus Hoffmannsegg, with taxonomic and biogeographic implications for the S.

This is further reinforced by high rates of female-female aggression, which were higher in periods of high fruit availability than in periods of low availability. eedital

In the Landscape, Metapopulations and the Matrix section, authors cover topics from dry to moist forests, and from metapopulations to single species use of multiple fragments locations.

Animal experiments were approved by the ethics committee for primate research of the Rdital Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Japan, and conducted in accordance with the institutional guidelines.


Neotropical Primates 20 1June 42 a b c d e Figure 3. These studies noted several differences in pelage color between the two species. Small primate density at one heavily hunted site was 5x that of a comparable nonhunted site, while the highest density of mid-sized primates was recorded at mid-level hunting pressure. A noticeable feature, despite the partial deterioration of the C. Plan de manejo — Parque Nacional Natural Katios.

Edital 147 – UFRR

This approach is invasive and not repeatable. The writing style is generally accessible, even in relatively specialized chapters.

Hunting of large primates is therefore likely to be unsustainable in many areas, edutal perhaps when adjacent emm large, strictly protected source reserves da Silva et al. Current forest cover in the study area up to the boundary of Los Katios National Park is limited to fragments of primary forest and secondary forest representing distinct floristic communities.

Density compensation in island avifaunas. Montane Swale Forests occur in depressions at different elevations in the Central Cordillera Cahuapanas and were recorded between m and m a.

Comportamento de um grupo suplementado de bugios-ruivos Alouatta guariba clamitans em uma paisagem urbanizada. Studies of the ecology of closely related sympatric species represent a challenge, since these relationships are not commonly found in all habitats and their ecological relationships are not always evident.

In the latter, EGCs have been described in five taxa 20012. Route-based travel and shared routes in sympatric spider and woolly monkeys: In the long term, the hunting-induced disruption of game- and non-game vertebrate population dynamics is thus likely to effect change beyond faunal density responses, with expansive transformations to tropical forest community composition and biodiversity.


Alouatta seniculus using this community are easily seen because of the very low vegetation, in contrast to other vegetation types. Elders of the native community indicated that they had observed the species near Iquitos which is well within their known distribution rangebut never on their territory. It is correlated with the mating system of the cesf The first study suggests chesc group size, age structure and birth rate were similar between sampling sites.

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We analyzed the coordinates of our observations using the program ArcGIS, version 9. Consultado el 20 de julio de Villacis Del Castillo1,3 and Antonio J. Locomotion and postures of red howlers in a deciduous forest-savanna interface. The altitude of these groups fell between 12— m a. This work is important in the conservation of owl monkeys in Argentina as it is the first time that we evaluate density in the only national park designated to their protection.

How do howler monkeys cope with habitat fragmentation? Motohashi Introduction Many New World primate species are endangered in the wild by habitat destruction and hunting.