View and Download DIGITECH STUDIO QUAD V2 user manual online. STUDIO QUAD V2 Processor pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for DIGITECH STUDIO QUAD V2. We have 1 DIGITECH STUDIO QUAD V2 manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. Manual – Digitech Studio Quad – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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From there, the Studio Quad V2 gets its source audio from the con- sole’s auxiliary send, and mix levels are controlled directly from the console. Remember that the total delay time shown in the display is divided among the delay taps in the Module. MIDI Channel settings include: Controls the length of the gated reverb in milliseconds much like the DECAY control of a normal reverb.

With minimal care and proper treatment it will More information. Please register your product online at www. If the Dry Level is up, then the Studio Quad passes the original signals through without processing. These icons only appear in the F Edit and Utilities modes.

This can be used to increase the realism of the simulated room by adding reverberations from different parts of the room to each channel. Do not More information. Don’t show me this message again. For example, there are 8 Dual Delay defaults to choose from. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission More information. Unlike flat surfaces, these materials reflect diffuse the sound manul many directions because of the irregularity of the surfaces themselves.

The Studio Quad uses Pages to navigate within an effect. From there, the Studio Quad gets its source audio from the console’s auxiliary send, and mix levels are controlled directly from the kanual. Factory Program uses a quad delay with a delay time of 5 milliseconds.


Each room type has a different decay range just as real rooms doso changing TYPE also changes the decay time of the room. Each section also has an arrow that shows which Parameter in qkad display is selected. Long Dark Hall LS Wireless-Rear Speaker Read this manual carefully to get the excellent acoustics from this unit.


Tremolos and Auto Panners are similar to one another because they use an LFO to modulate the level of the signal. The footswitch must be plugged in on power up order for the Studio Quad to detect which type of switch is being used.

Decay Controls the length RT6 of the room reverberations. Keep it with your user manual. The front panel buttons give you information in one of two ways: The cursor moves one character to the right. Pressing a dimly lit button causes it to light brightly and its function becomes the active item in the display.

Opening the chassis for any reason will void the manufacturer s warranty.


Fluke PM User Manual. Make sure you store the settings after you made any changes. These two Effect Digitecu have no parameters and simply function as their names imply. In this application, the source is routed directly to the mixer channel input s. Software Control Panel 12 8. Some information in this manual may quar be inaccurate due to undocumented changes in the product or operating system since this version of the manual was completed. There are five basic reverbs to choose from.

This is an inexpensive solution to all but the most severe AC line conditions. OutL – R Adjusts the overall level of the left or right side of the reverb.


Note that when the Program is stored, it is stored in the User bank of Programs because Factory Programs cannot be overwritten. Advanced User Tips More information.

The Studio Quad V2’s delays have a feedback meter that is used to send a portion of the delayed signal back to the input to be re-recorded along with ddigitech source material. During the course of editing Programs, you may find that you want to compare the edited version of the Program to the original, stored version.

By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: This can be used to increase the realism of the simulated room by adding reverberations from different parts of the room to each channel. The display has several important sections that you need to understand when you use the Studio Quad V2. If you live in the UK, please manuall your purchase. Today s technology allows manuao Studio Quad to offer a complete palette of flexible, easy to use reverbs.

In Program mode, they can also be used to enter stidio F Edit mode’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or th module. The more you familiarize yourself with the More information. Scroll through Factory Programs until you find a configuration you want to use. Another application for the Studio Quad allows you to independently process four discrete signals simultaneously. Ranges from 25 milliseconds to 3 milliseconds or 5 milliseconds on the Stereo Gated Reverb.

LFOs – When you use LFOs, Parameter values can be controlled automatically stdio a defined minimum and maximum setting at a rate set by the user. This publication is protected by More information.