DA PAM 750-30 PDF


DA Pam dated 1 July (supersedes DA Pam , dated 28 June in case you were wondering) is titled “The M16A1. : The M16A1 Rifle Operation And Preventative Maintenance DA Pam Original field manual illustrated by Will Eisner in comic form. SUMMARY of CHANGE. DA PAM –3. Soldiers’ Guide for Field Maintenance Operations. This major revision, dated 18 September

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Now, again hit the for- ward assist to make sure the bolt’s closed If your M16A1 rifle refuses to pop off — or quits popping sudden-like — you’ve got a stoppage that needs im- mediate action.

DA PAM 750-30 – The Army’s “Slightly Suggestive” Vietnam Era M16A1 Pamphlet

So it deserves reasonable treatment — especially in cleaning and lubing its lower receiver area. The carrier key bends pretty easy — and then won’t line up inside the weapon. The bracket will handle either the M16A1 or the Mi4, though you may have to do a little maneuvering to get the M16 to fit the way you want it. Never be 75-030 about asking for cleaning materials when you need ’em.

That’s a drive too hot to handle. Run it all the way through the flash suppressor before you start to pull back Then slide the rifle Put it on and off gently and you can tlie cover seveTal times.


Then dry all the ports real good and coat ’em with LSA. If you jam the receivers closed while the selector’s in the AUTO position, you’ll force the automatic sear down and damage the automatic sear, and the sear pin, and will likely rough up the bottom of the bolt carrier.

While you have the bolt group apart — 750-03 after you clean -make a practice of eye-checking these parts: Don’t try to screw ’em together.

Slide the plate in this way, then press the spring down with your thumb. Here’re a couple ways Maxie can shortstop trouble for you: You can see how it works by opening the ra and turning the selector to AUTO and watching the movement of the tang of the automatic sear.

The front end of sa gas tube is self-cleaning, thanks to the hot gases and high pressure from the barrel. The tighter the mag’s held in the re- ceiver, the more pressure it takes to release it.

Always — like Always!

DA Pam 750-30

Then it’s due right now for a physical. No ”buts” about it. If she still won’t fire, do what your TM says on trouble-shooting. Now pull the charging handle all the way back ond see if a whole cor- tridge or case comes out. Never load dented or dirty ammo. However, if you do find a cartridge or case in the chamber, be sure you remove it before you try to reload and recycle your weapon.

  ASTM G31-72 PDF

And still one more: So do a real good job after every firing mission, following the good word in your TM by using rifle bore cleaner CR. Easy does it all the way.

Full text of “DA Pam “

Here’s something you want to be real careful about. Your rifle can’t perform without it.

For cleaning the disassembled mag — Either dunk it in rifle bore cleaner and shake it good while submerged OR — scrub the inside with a brush soaked with cleaner OR — Use a rag soaked pa, bore cleaner. Now, remember, gtt these steps down pat. A cleaning job like this will get rid of all the carbon and dirt that might keep your weapon from shooting right.

A rifle could explode if you fired it with the cam pin missing. The only part of the mflgazine that gets any lube is the spring — and it gets only a very light touch of ISA. Be sure it’s in place when you put the parts back together.