Crokinole rules, scoring, setup and even optional rules compiled and composed by Crokinole Depot. Rules of Crokinole. For Competitive Play. Basic Rules of Play. 1) Getting Ready a ) Aplayerorteam’sinitial orderofplay,colourofdiscs,andseatingposition,shall. OFFICIAL CROKINOLE RULES **All participants are encouraged to read these rules carefully. Playing Guidelines The object of the game is to shoot your disc.

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Scoring occurs after all pieces generally 12 per player or team have been played, and is differential: Crokinole A crokinole board. Carom billiards Three-cushion individual team artistic five-pin English billiards amateurs Crokinole Pocket billiards eight-ball rulws ten-ball straight pool Snooker six-red women amateurs. The world premiere occurred at the Princess Cinema in Waterloo, Ontarioin early Rulex buzzer will be used to begin and end play.

The object of the game is to position shooting discs on the playing surface in such manner that they remain within the highest scoring circles by the end of the round.

No finger guards may be used. Croquignole was also a synonym of pichenottea word that gave its name to the different but related games of pichenotte and pitchnut. This includes no tipping crokinope the chair. Crokinole is most commonly played by two players, or by four players in teams of two, with partners sitting across the board from each other.

The top four in the playoffs advance to a final round robin to play each other, and the top two compete in the finals.


Rules — Crokinole Craft

The inner or pin circle counts 15 points for each disc. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat With 2 players, the player that won the round goes first. The discs are roughly checker -sized, slightly smaller in diameter than the board’s central hole, and may have concave faces to reduce sliding friction.

Retrieved 3 January The player to the left of the previous shooter always plays next. Each player shots 8 discs, and shall alternate turns.

The reason for this misconception may be due to its popularity urles Mennonite and Amish groups. Outer circle counts 5 points for each disc. This would include a 20 in the centre hole.

Three-cushion Five-pins and goriziana Artistic billiards Balkline and straight rail Cushion caroms Four-ball. In doubles, the start of each round will move clockwise.

This section does not cite any sources. If a tie still exists, a shoot out will be conducted. During any shot, any disc that falls completely into the recessed central “20” hole a.

The use of any lubricating powder in crokinole is controversial, with some purists reviling the practice. Scorecards are handed to the opponent before the beginning of play for the game. Each player shots 6 discs. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Contestants must initiate all their shots from between their quadrant lines and touching the outer ring. Retrieved 17 June The WCC also awards a prize for the top hole shooter in the qualifying round of competitive singles, recreational singles, cues singles, intermediate singles, and in the junior singles.


World-class quality crokinole boards, handmade in Big Bay, Ontario.

If it successfully lands completely within the “20” hole the disc is removed and set aside to count as 20 points at the end of the round. The NCA Tour includes both doubles and singles events. Discs are to be shot only with a finger unless participating in a game designated for use of cues.

Views Read Edit View history. The name “crokinole” derives from croquignolea French word today designating:. The results of each tournament award points for each player, as they compete for their season-ending ranking classification. Retrieved 30 September The rules of games in italics are standardized by international sanctioning bodies.

A disc that stops on the playing surface and is touching the outer line is deemed out of play and must immediately be placed in the ditch. With 4 players, the players sitting opposite each other constitute a team shooting the same colour and oppose the other team.

Retrieved from ” https: Sports and Games in Canadian Children’s Books.

Crokinole Rules

Only tournament organizers will apply quality granular shuffleboard wax. A championship match will be played best two out of three games in order to establish a winner. Powder is used to ensure pieces slide smoothly on the surface.