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This article by Beatrice Gorez cffa. And, it is thanks to artisanal fish catches that every Senegalese is able to consume 27 kg of fish per year.

Our fish contributes to improving nutrition and public health. Like you, we are confronted with declining fish resources, rising fuel prices, and are offered ridiculously low prices for our fish, which are then sold on your European markets…But we must also face the massive arrival of newcomers interprfoessionnelle our sector, of people who have fled the countryside because there is no future for them there; more than ever, artisanal fishing has become the last recourse for many Senegalese.

This massive arrival of newcomers in our sector has had a dramatic impact on the living and working collcetive in our communities. The over exploitation of the resources has worsened, while incomes have decline because more fishermen must share whatever fish we can catch…The fishermen must interprofessionnelle go farther out to sea, which increases the risks of fishing activities.


Indeed, our pirogues are open-decked, and we really do not have a place to shelter from the inclement weather. Fishermen, especially those new to the profession, are interprofessionnellee always well-trained to face these difficult weather conditions.

Thanks to public awareness campaigns and also because of frequent accidents that result in loss of life, the use of life jackets is increasingly being accepted by the fishermen. There are also regular sea weather bulletins on the radio, which make it possible to better prepare for the fishing trips. The voyage lasts several months and the living conditions on board are horrendous: These conditions affect the health of the fishermen.

Despite this, sanitary and medical equipments are reduced to the bare minimum. interprofessionbelle

Sénégal — Wikivoyage, le guide de voyage et de tourisme collaboratif gratuit

Dao Gaye then highlighted the plight of women in the artisanal fisheries sector: As pillars of our sector, they are present on all the landing beaches, waiting for the arrival of the pirogues. They are present at the fish-processing sites, and many of them go far to sell their products.

For them too, working conditions are difficult and precarious, and questions of health are central to their concerns.

First and foremost, there is the general exhaustion that results from housework and providing care to the family as much as by the fish-related work; tiredness is their daily bread.



That has an impact on their health conditions. I must say here that in several Senegalese villages, because of tourism development projects, the processing sites have been pushed away conventlon the beaches: The women must leave earlier to reach the sites where they process the fish, which increases the costs of transport.

All these influence the health of the women. Some of them have been involved in artisanal fishing from the age of ten.

They go fishing on the pirogues. Sometimes up to ijterprofessionnelle third of the crew is of school age, and little girls help with fish processing. In spite of remuneration, the working conditions are difficult and can compromise the schooling and health of the children who face night-work, accidents and risks of drowning.

Our fishermen families are also affected by AIDS. Crowded conditions and migration leads to risky sexual behaviour. Infected fishermen pass on the disease to their wives, and the entire community becomes a victim of this plague. Understanding the Work in Fishing Convention, interprofexsionnelle Working in Fishing Convention No. Download this Article in PDF. Beatrice Gorez Issue No: Choose Language English French Spanish.