When I use the built in vertiy search engine, everything works fine except my resul ts page provides duplicates of every result. I am using. Actually, you have two great engines for CF9: Verity (classic) and Solr (modern). Both of them implement the idea of collections. Creating and maintanence of the . The Verity Search’97 indexing and searching technology, which has been incorporated into ColdFusion, provides a means for creating collections of indexed.

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Always return spelling suggestions. The award-winning Verity search engine was created by the Verity Corporation and has been around for several years. Verity provides flexibility and functionality that would take a lot of effort to provide using only ColdFusion and SQL code. Basically, this tag is used to index your website files or your database.

Or better yet, you could just access them all at once using the valuelist function:.


Finding ColdFusion help Configuring: How helpful did you find this article? Restart the ColdFusion Search Service for this change to take ckldfusion. You could do something to this to output all the values from the key field:.


For instance, in the case of our contacts database, its much more practical to index the records as they are added to coldfusio database.

If cooldfusion collection is not present, the tag creates it. If the action is create and the collection exists, ColdFusion also creates a map to the collection. It searches two collections Collection1 and Collection2 for any records that contain the word Bethesda and a word starting with the letters C-O-H but that does NOT contain the word Eron:.

MD ColdFusion User’s Group

To create a collection action page: Furthermore, it should be noted that indexing data is extremely Colxfusion intensive. NAME The name of the collection. Added support for Solr search engine. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. To create a simple collection form page: This attribute is now ignored and the language of the collection is used to perform the search. Lets have a look at a few of the best of these:.

ColdFusion Help | cfcollection

This is especially useful because you may have more than one index of information you might want to search simultaneously for the same keywords. Specifies veritty the search engine returns spelling suggestions for possibly misspelled words.

Follows the syntax rules of the type attribute. You can enter coldfuwion words separated by commas: The key is Verity which I read it is the best tool to do the indexing and searching in my database content. If you own ColdFusion Studio, they are definitely worth examining!


Log into the ColdFusion Administration page. Creating Verity collections in Colffusion. You can wrap the cfindex and cfsearch into the CFC methods recommended way. Removed the attributes language and external. Corresponds to the searched key in the status structure.

How can I use Verity to index and search database content in ColdFusion 9? You can refresh and delete Verity collections after they have been created. This is one of the pitfalls of using Verity. SIZE The size of the collection, expressed in kilobytes.

You can download the example database or create a table in your own datasource. Click the Cookie Preferences button learn more about cookies. Changed query result behavior: