circulo de kamm pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for circulo de kamm pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. CARLOS FRESNEDA La cuadratura del círculo: un partido de fútbol entre dos equipos Círculo de Kamm El llamado círculo de Kamm es una representación . Caroline Kamm, PhD Student, Department of Geography and Planning, University Círculo de Producción, the first direct-to-consumer market.

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Mitigating Risk in Rural Development: Local Food Networks in Jalisco, Mexico.

My research focuses on the experiences of producers engaged in local food networks, particularly the risk management strategies employed within these marketing arrangements.

Through my research I hope to form a better understanding of how the scale and structure of agricultural markets may impact the ways that small-scale farmers experience and adapt to agricultural risks. Their partnership with the Ecotienda gives the market access to space, but it also limits the number of producers who can participate the current space fits roughly 10 vendors.

This lamm, I conducted eight weeks of field research in the state of Jalisco, located along the western coast of Mexico. Each site was selected based on the presence of an active local food initiative.

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In total, I was engaged with three different farmers markets, one consumer collective, and one producer cooperative. Each initiative is based, at least in part, on a commitment to health-conscious and environmentally sustainable growing practices, though the terminology used to describe production methods varies between organizations.


I approached my research using two methods of data collection. First, I used a closed-ended survey focused on risk perception, decision-making, and general attitudes toward risk.

After collecting survey data, I returned to certain producers to do a second, open-ended interview. I also carried out open-ended interviews with key informants, including market coordinators, academics, representatives within wholesale markets, and one rural development practitioner.

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In total, I collected 20 survey responses, 10 follow-up interviews with producers, and 9 key informant interviews. Feria de Productores, a weekly market in Guadalajara. This market relies on donated space from the Lions Club of Mexico, which allows them to host a greater number of producers. My research indicates that participation in local marketing channels encourages on-farm diversification, in a way that other marketing structures do not.

Participants indicated that a large motivation for participating in direct-to-consumer markets is the favorable price that they receive.

Several participants spoke about wholesale markets as compelling farmers to specialize, either because they refuse to buy re quantities or because the prices are so low that farmers feel pressure to increase their yields.

In direct-to-consumer markets, consumers demand a variety of products, and farmers find greater success when focusing on diversity rather than yield alone. Recent public-private investment has led to enormous growth in the production of frutos rojos, or berries, in the municipalities outside of Cifculo. Several local producers reference these changes in the sector as putting additional strain on common resources. On-farm diversification impacts farmer risk perception in a number of ways.

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The most significant impact is in mitigating environmental risk. On-farm diversity was cited as reducing environmental risks by improving soil health, increasing the likelihood that some crops would survive harmful weather events, preventing pests, icrculo allowing for future adaptations to changing climate. Diversification also helps farmers absorb unsold products and meet their household consumptive needs.

My research required a good deal fe traveling back and forth between research sites. See the full report for more details. Producers make deliveries to the consumer collective in the morning, and a committee of volunteers assembles baskets for each participating consumer.

Local Food Networks in Jalisco, Mexico My research focuses on the experiences of producers engaged in local food networks, particularly the risk management strategies employed within these marketing arrangements. Historical Vistas and Modern Implications.