View and Download CASIO FxPv owner’s manual online. super-fx. Fx- Pv Calculator pdf manual download. Casio fxPv Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Casio fxPv Owner’s Manual. Casio FXPV. Production started: Production Ended: Original Price: Dimensions. Weight. Produced in, Malaysia. Power. Power Consumption. Operating.

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An interesting modern variant of Casio’s venerable low-end programmable scientific calculator series, the fxPv also happens to be a machine with a curious bug, a bug not present in its predecessor, the fxP.

I encountered this as I was trying to create a program to compute the Gamma functionwhich of course is my favorite programming example for calculators. Take a look at this simple program:.

This program should compute the logarithm of the products of numbers starting from the number in the display, up to and casii the number in the calculator’s independent memory.


For instance, if the number on the display is 5, and the number in memory is 9, running this program should produce 9.

What it does compute instead is something completely different: It dx-3600pv me some time to figure out this riddle: The same effect is not reproduced if you perform this calculation by hand; nor is this effect present if the independent memory contains a number greater than, or equal to, Csaio well, scratch one useful method for shortening my Gamma function program.

Here is a program anyway, one that performs a somewhat lengthier calculation but avoids this bug. Toth Powered by Joomla! Number base calculations Card: Czsio card storage Cmem: Complex number arithmetic DC: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery Lreg: Linear regression 2-variable statistics mA: Milliamperes of current Mtrx: Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery NiMH: Nickel-metal-hydrite rechargeable battery Prnt: Standard deviation 1-variable statistics Solv: Subroutine call capability Symb: Magnetic tape storage Trig: Take a look at this simple program: