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If there is a problem with the camera while abroad, please return it to the country of sale before proceeding with a warranty claim to a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. For Canon Customer Support contacts, cwnon see the customer support list supplied with your camera.

What Do You Want to Do? Shoot Shoot, leaving it to the camera to make canpn Table of Contents Chapters 1 — 3 explain the basic operations and frequently used functions of this camera. Chapters 4 onward explain the advanced functions, letting you learn more as you read each chapter.

Checking the Package Contents Changing the ISO Speed Always ensure that the camera is operated correctly. If the battery charger ,anual wet, unplug it from the outlet and consult your camera distributor or the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk. This could result in burns or damage to the flash. Getting Started This chapter explains preparations before shooting, how to shoot in A mode, and then how to view and erase the images you take.

The latter part of this chapter explains manua, to shoot and view movies and transfer images to a computer. Charging the Battery Use the included charger to charge the battery. Be sure to charge the battery as it is not charged at the time of purchase. This is a normal characteristic of the battery and does not indicate a problem. However, if the battery bulges to the point where it will no longer fit into the camera, please contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.

Terminals Terminals What if [Memory cankn locked] appears on the screen? If this tab is in the locked position, [Memory card locked] will appear on the screen and you will not be able to take or erase images. Since manuap dates and times recorded into your images are based on these settings, be sure to set them. Setting the Display Language Canom can change the language that displays on the screen.

What if the clock appears when the m button is pressed? The clock will appear if too much time passes between pressing the m button and the n button in Step 2. If the clock appears, press the m button to remove the clock and repeat Step 2. Formatting Memory Cards Before you use a new memory card or one that has been formatted in other devices, you should format the card with this camera.

Canoh initializing a memory card erases all data on the memory card. As you cannot retrieve the erased data, exercise adequate caution before formatting the memory card.

Canon SD1400 IS Digital Camera User Manual

The total capacity of the memory card displayed in the formatting screen may be less than indicated on the memory card. Pressing the Shutter Button To take images that are in focus, be sure to first press the shutter button lightly halfway to focus, then press fully to shoot.


Taking Pictures Smart Auto Since the camera can determine the subject and shooting conditions, you can let it automatically select the best settings for the scene and just shoot.

The camera can also detect and focus on faces, setting the color and brightness to optimal levels. Several AF frames will appear when the camera focuses on more than one point. Press the shutter button fully. Taking Pictures Smart Auto Scene Icons The camera displays an icon for the scene it has determined and then automatically focuses and selects the optimum settings for subject brightness and color.

When faces are detected, a white frame appears on the face of the main subject, while gray frames appear on other detected faces.

The frames will follow the subjects within a certain range p. Viewing Images You can view the images you have taken on the screen.

Switching to Shooting mode Pressing the shutter button halfway while in Playback mode switches the camera to Shooting mode. Press the 1 button. Erasing Images You can choose and erase images one at a time. Please note that erased images cannot be recovered. Exercise adequate caution before erasing an image.

The last image you took will appear.

Canon Digital Camera SD IS User Guide |

Choose an image to erase. Shooting Movies The camera can automatically select all settings so that you can shoot movies just by pressing the shutter button. If you continue shooting for a ,anual time, the camera may become warm.

This is not a malfunction. Shooting Time Enter E mode.

Canon Powershot SD1400 IS User Manual

Elapsed Time Microphone Magnifying the subject while shooting Pressing the zoom lever toward i while shooting will zoom in on the subject. However, operation sounds will be recorded and the movie may appear coarse.

Viewing Movies You can view the movies you have shot on the screen. Press the qr buttons to choose a movie. What if you can’t play back movies on a computer? Transferring Images to a Computer for Viewing You can use the included software to transfer images you have shot with the camera to a computer for viewing. Turn on the camera. Click on the task bar. Separately Sold Accessories The following camera accessories are sold separately.

Some accessories are manuual sold in some regions, or may no longer be available. Using accessories abroad The battery charger and the AC adapter kit can be used in regions that have — Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories.

Learning More This chapter explains the parts of the camera and what appears on the screen, as well as the basic operating instructions. Components Guide Lamp pp. Screen Display Switching the Display You can change the screen display using the l button. Shooting Information Display Playback No Information Simple Information Display You can also switch the display by pressing the l button while the image displays right after shooting.

Screen Display in Dark Shooting Conditions The display automatically brightens when shooting in dark conditions, allowing you to check the composition Night Display function. However, the brightness of the image on the screen, and the brightness of the actual image recorded may be different. Screen noise may appear and the movement of the subject may appear canno jagged on the screen. The menu items and options differ depending on the mode pp.


You can also use the FUNC. The menu items are organized under tabs, such as for shooting 4 and playback 1. The available menu items differ depending on the mode pp. Changing the Sound Settings You can silence or adjust the volume of camera sounds.

Muting Sounds Adjusting manial Volume Display the menu. Changing the Screen Brightness The screen brightness can be changed in two ways. Returning the Camera to Default Settings When you have mistakenly changed a setting, you can reset the camera to the default cnon.

Are there functions that cannot be reset? Performing a low-level format on a memory card erases all data on the memory card. As you cannot retrieve the erased data, exercise adequate caution before performing a low-level format.

When stopping low level formatting, the data will be erased but the memory card can be used without problem. Shooting in Special Conditions and Commonly Used Functions This chapter explains how to shoot in different conditions, as well as how to use common functions, such as the self-timer.

Shooting in Various Conditions The camera will select the necessary settings for the conditions in which you wish to shoot when you choose the matching mode.

Set the mode switch to 4 p. Choose the Shooting mode. Shooting in Various Conditions In t mode, attach the camera to a tripod to prevent the camera from moving and blurring the image. Additionally, you should set [IS Mode] to [Off] p. Adding Effects and Shooting You can ccanon various effects to images when shooting.

Shoot with the effects of a fish-eye lens Fish-eye Effect Lets you shoot with the distorting effect of a fish-eye lens. Since you may not achieve the expected results depending on the shooting conditions, try taking some test shots first. Adding Effects and Shooting Take shots that look like a miniature model Miniature Effect Blurs chosen portions in the top and bottom of an image to produce the effect of a miniature model.

Detecting a Smile and Shooting The camera will shoot even without pressing the shutter button, when it detects a smile. What if a smile is not detected? Smiles are easier to detect if the subject faces the camera, and opens their mouth enough to show some teeth when ccanon. Using the Wink Self-Timer Point the camera at the subject and press the shutter button fully. The camera will shoot approximately two seconds after it detects a wink. What cnon a wink is not detected?

Using the Face Self-Timer Changing the number of shots For the screen in Step 1, press the l button, then press the manuall buttons to change the number of shots.

Press the l button to accept the setting. Even if your face is not detected after joining the subjects, the shutter will release approximately 15 seconds later.