Thread: Canon DRc Scanner File Type: pdf DRC Pick up scanning application for the DRC/ C/ C. There may be. For details on the Properties dialog box, refer to the User. Manual. 9. Click the [ OK] button to exit the scanner settings. Specify the file name and the file type . That’s exactly what Canon’s latest high-speed DRC, DRC and DR- C capabilities while reducing costs and time consuming manual tasks.

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Remove the feed roller. Displays the selected job number. You can configure the following settings on the [Basic] tab sheet.

To prevent this, periodically remove the ink cartridge and clean the print head with a soft, dry cloth or cotton swab. For details, contact your dealer or service representative.

7550cc this does not solve the problem, make a note of the error code, and contact your Canon service representative. When this check box is not selected, the saved files are much larger. Load your documents against the left feed guide.

Miscellaneous Canon DRc Scanner

Table Of Contents Preface Press down on both sides of the upper unit to ensure that it is securely closed b. You can 75550c the specified color range by dragging the edges of the shaded area. The rollers are located at the positions indicated in the figure below.


No ink cartridge is installed in the imprinter. The Hardware section provides general information about the scanner operational settings, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

imageFORMULA DR-7550C Production Scanner

Set the scan settings. When all of the documents have been scanned, the Continue Scanning dialog box appears.

A double feed was detected ultrasonically. A skewed document page contacted the wall of the transport path.

Depending upon your setup, you may have to search for a file named Scan. Brchure the page size to [Auto-detection] and scan the document. Cleaning the Sensors Dust and debris that collects on the sensors may cause documents to be recognized incorrectly. Make sure that the upper unit is completely closed by pushing on both edges with both hands until you hear a click b. After you finish reading this manual, keep it Otherwise, normal continuous feeding will be disabled the next time someone uses the scanner.

This product is not guaranteed to operate with all types of USB interfaces. To eliminate the black frame filerype scanned images, reduce the scanning area by moving the slider to the left. Blue, Red, Green see p.


Never use alcohol, benzene, paint thinner, or any other flammable substances. If abnormal image appearance seems to be application-dependent, try scanning with autodetection disabled. Replace the roller bochure.

Use the following procedure to clear filefype paper jam. The operation of sensors during feeding can be checked. Canon DRc Scanner Clean the sensors with a cotton-tipped swab or air blower. After completing large scanning jobs, turn OFF the scanner and clean out any paper particles.

Canon DRC User Manual – Page 1 of |

Close the imprinter cover The scanned image is abnormal in some applications. However, the messages will continue to be displayed each time the scanner is turned ON until the roller counter is reset. Select the default page size and click [OK]. This page requires Javascript.

A Continuous Manual Feeding Mode is also provided as a way to scan a batch of document pages that cannot be automatically transported. The [Scan Batch to File Setting] dialog box The scan image of the front side becomes the left half of the reconstructed image.