Let’s talk about byosen scanning. Byosen means line of poison. This technique is how we discover the parts of ourselves or others that need. Byosen Reikan Ho is a technique somewhat similar to the scanning practices taught in some ‘western’ lineage Reiki styles. Byosen is concerned with the. In the last 15 years or so, the popularity of traditional Reiki techniques such as Kenyoku Ho (a dry bath), Byosen Reikan Ho (a form of scanning.

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With this approach I have found that the majority of my students in the first day of ever experiencing Reiki are able to find the core blocks within a persons energy field with little difficulty.

A client comes to you and tells you what his physical problem is. By evaluating these two aspects of the byosen, the practitioner can discover the area or areas that most need treatment, know how long the hands should remain in a particular area, and know whether additional treatments are indicated.

Now bring your awareness to your lower region and once again be aware of how your lower back, hips and pelvis feel. Mine likes to help me scan.

Cracking the Creativity Code: Read more articles in this category During the treatment one of us held her head, one held her feet, two or byoswn held other positions, and I placed my hands on the gallbladder for the duration of the treatment.

Byosen Scanning

This woman is the real. One question you can ask yourself is: As scanning involves to varying degrees opening ourselves to our client, it is important to know what our present state is before we go and change it by merging ourselves with their energy.

Your intuition guides you to the best teachers, best books, best workshops, best events and experiences, all of which are lessons, meant to help you with your own life. Whenever there is a disease in a person there will always be sensations in their energy field referred to in Japanese as hibiki meaning resonance.


This technique takes some skill. I imagined the stones turning to dust. Image by Bruno Agostinho. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Many times the energy will balance out and the strong sense of heat or cold will subside signaling to move onto another spot. Your most sensitive hand is the hand that feels the energies better — you can figure this out through experimentation, which you can perform on your friends or family members.

The higher vibration transforms the lower. Merging is something we do every day naturally. The Reiki state is a state of being.

Byosen Scanning – Reiki Sessions – NCC&H

Living with Reiki This book explains my personal perspective on Reiki. Reiki Techniques March 2nd, 2. Article by Sierra Koch. It is called Aura scanning here. This book explains my personal perspective on Reiki.

scanninf Once again if it is tight observe what feelings and thoughts arise as you focus your attention on it. She is a very educated woman and knows her stuff! Begin connecting to the Earth below you by taking your minds attention into your Hara Belly. The more you practice Reiki, the easier it is to hear your intuition.

Every person is sensitive to the energies of the aura and energy body. Notice the temperature of your legs and feet. The premise being that if something exists on the physical level it scanninh also exist on subtler levels either as an emotion in the emotional body, an idea or thought in the mental body or an energy signature in the etheric body.

It is not of your doing this healing within the recipient. Mikao Usui used to focus purely on his own intuition. Chujiro Hayashi developed the Hand Positions which covers the entire body for treatment.


It can be done through two techniques — Byosen and Reiji Ho. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

By the end of the training, after five days, only heat could be felt. The byosen changed after two peaks and dropped to a strong level four. When the place you touch feels cold, it is not the fault of your hands, but a sign of byosen level four. This heat is above normal body temperature. Reiki and Sex Reiki and Sex is a book focused on two main things: I encourage you to experiment with each of the techniques described and to discover for yourself how amazingly effective scannning can be.


Finally be aware bhosen your connection to the Earth. This was something it is believed that should take students many years of discipline, practice and application to become good at.

If it is shallow and tense allow yourself to be aware of the feelings and thoughts that are holding it in this way. Scanning does not have to occur in one smooth motion, but often proceeds in several stroking motions, pausing when hibiki is found.

In case of intuition, what scnaning the most is acting instead of thinking. I ask that all that takes place here through Reiki is of the very highest good for all concerned. As usual you manage to explain beautifully a complex and deep area in a way that makes it understandable. The back is held erect and the scanninh floating up by itself as if held up by a helium-filled balloon.