PDF | On Feb 1, , Costa D and others published Destacando tratamentos aplicados em lactentes com bronquiolite viral aguda (BVA): Uma análise. PDF | OBJETIVO: Descrever as características e a evolução de lactantes com bronquiolite aguda submetidos à ventilação mecânica. Resumen en: Objective: To verify whether the occurrence of acute viral bronchiolitis (AVB) in the first year of life constitutes a risk factor for asthma at age 6 co.

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To verify whether the occurrence of acute viral bronchiolitis AVB in the first year of life constitutes a risk factor for asthma at age 6 considering a parental history of asthma.

Bronchiolitis; Deglutition; Deglutition disorders; Infant. Bronquiolite viral aguda e risco de asma em escolares: This was a cross-sectional study of 42 infants aged months. An association was observed between the swallowing disorder scores and a decrease in oxygen saturation.

Socioeconomic, environmental data, parental history of asthma, and data related to pregnancy were collected in the first 72 hours of life of the newborn and in prospective home visits by trained interviewers. Asthma, Risk factors, Bronchiolitis viral, Child.


To determine the occurrence of clinical signs of dysphagia in infants with acute viral bronchiolitis, to compare the respiratory parameters during deglutition, and to ensure the agudw and inter- examiners agreement, as well as to accomplish intra and interexaminators concordance of the clinical evaluation of the deglutition.

The intra-rater agreement was considered to be very good.

A score of swallowing disorders was designed to establish associations with other studied variables aguea to ensure the intra- and interrater agreement of clinical feeding assessments. A significant increase in respiratory rate between pre- and post-feeding times was found, and it was determined that almost half of the infants had tachypnea. Estudo de corte transversal aninhado a uma coorte de nascidos vivos. Services on Demand Journal.

It is suggested, therefore, that infants displaying these risk factors have a higher probability of dysphagia. Caregivers also completed a questionnaire about feeding difficulties.

Bronquiolite obliterante – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

How to cite this article. Parental history of asthma OR: Prevalence of AVB in the first year of life was Changes in the oral phase prolonged pauses and pharyngeal phase wheezing, coughing and gagging of swallowing were found. Clinical signs of dysphagia in infants with acute viral bronchiolitis.


AVB in the first year of life is a risk factor for asthma in children with parental history of asthma. The association between Vifal and asthma was evaluated by logistic regression analysis and potential modifier effect of parental history was verified by introducing an interaction term into the adjusted logistic regression model.

Infants whose caregivers reported feeding difficulties during hospitalization stated a significantly greater number of changes in the swallowing evaluation.

Bronquiolite obliterante

Cross-sectional study in a cohort of live births. The clinical evaluation was accompanied by measurements of respiratory rate and pulse oximetry. The occurrence of AVB was a risk factor for asthma at 6 years of age in children with parental history of asthma OR: Infants with acute viral bronchiolitis displayed swallowing disorders in addition gauda changes in respiratory rate and measures of oxygen saturation.