View and Download Blueant SuperTooth II user manual online. Bluetooth portable Specifications. Blueant wireless handsfree speakerphone (2 pages). [DOWNLOAD] Blueant Supertooth 2 Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Blueant. Supertooth 2. Connect Reset Instructions Echo on the BlueAnt Connect View All 2 Activate Pairing Mode on the. ENDURE iPhone / Pairing Problems iPhone.

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Follow the instructions on the screen. Rechargeable Lithium Ion Speaker Contacts list will appear.

Pairing Your BlueAnt

Page 32 5-Way Navigation Key featured as 2. Continue pressing to exit. Now go back to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and search for devices. Page 59 A beep will then be heard on the Manuak Kit prompting the user to say the name of the person to call. Warranty Terms And Conditions 3.

Read blueant-supertoothmanual

Cell phone buttons can also be used to answer a call but audio will still be heard on the Handsfree Kit. Don’t have an account? At times, for first time dialing, audio will be heard on the phone and not immediately on the Handsfree Kit.

Voice dialing Refer to step h blueang i for the procedure when activating and recording for voice dialing. Turn it clockwise to increase the volume.


Audio will supsrtooth heard on the Handsfree Kit. Proof of purchase must be supplied to obtain warranty. Voice is then saved on the phone. The Supertooth II is initially off.

Turn on its Bluetooth function then execute a Bluetooth search so that it will be able to search and find your Supertooth II. Switch the Supertooth 2 on by flipping out the swivel arm. If pairing has failed, repeat the procedure. SuperTooth II or if pairing has failed. Therefore the Supertooth needs to be placed into Headset Pairing Mode first. Am I using the skpertooth pairing Mode according to my phone?

Try this method first: Decrease the volume by turning it counter-clockwise. The name will be played back to you.

First, refer to the Compatibility Table above for suggested pairing modes to determine what pairing mode is best for your phone.

Audio will be heard directly on the Supertooth. Using a non-authorized repairer ssupertooth void the warranty. Page 67 Voice dialing Refer to step g and h for the procedure when activating and recording for voice dialing. You will hear a distinctive tone and the Bluetooth indicator light will change from blinking blue to alternate blinking red and blue. This will automatically transfer the audio from the kit to the phone. Under the selected entry, highlight the phone number and press Options tag.


The most direct method is by using the Phone keypad.

supertooth 2 user guide

If this pairing method is not successful, then you need to repeat the process but put your Supertooth 2 into headset pairing mode instead. Press Options and select Add voice tag. Why will my Supertooth II not connect when turned on or comes into range 10m?

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page 55 Follow the instructions on the screen. About 3 hours Bluetooth Profiles supported Page 52 The most direct method is by using the Phone keypad.

Should you be having difficulties in the operation of your Supertooth II please refer to the F. The pairing code is Overview It is designed to be a totally portable wireless handsfree kit which will enable the user to communicate freely without holding a phone. Also check the website for newly updated models and also for older outdated models.

Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Specifications Specifications Bluetooth Standard