By asking about any Behringer gear, be prepared for the onslaught of I had an MX for several years, and while there are certainly better. Find great deals for Behringer Mx Eurodesk 24/48 Channel Mixer W/power Supply. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Behringer Eurodesk Watt Power Supply for Model MX Mixing Board. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Why fight traffic and pushy salesmen when we’ll bring your gear straight to your home, free of charge? What comes in comes out — amplified, but not colored. If you go “mixerless” you will endlessly be repatching stuff to get it to audioland.

I just connected two prefader sends to the rear speakers, another prefader send out to the mono front channel and kept mz9000 front left and right on two post fader channels that go to the control room outs. You can even use the EQ. The knobs are well spaced where you can actually turn one without touching others.

Ideas from numerous friends as well as several of the world’s top engineers went into the design of the Eurodesk MX We approve everyone, with very few exceptions, as long as we can verify your identity.

The Incredible Input Section Each channel on the Eurodesk uses a mic preamp based on a modern version kx9000 classic technology using large, sophisticated transistors rather than ICs. Bothell, WashingtonJust down the street from Mackie so they can quickly replicate Mackie’s next best thing. We built the Eurodesk to offer transparent, musical audio quality, which preserves the soul of your music, and to capture and reproduce the magical moments of your performances.


Behringer Eurodesk MX Mixing Console

The PAN pot ensures accurate signal positioning in the stereo image. If Behringer is so behrinnger and Mackie 8-bus is so much better, then go to the Mackie forum and read about their faulty ribbon cables This gives you entirely natural sound with almost immeasurable distortion and massive headroom.

Call them and as them anything Fully outfitted channel strip Especially at mixdown, you’ll appreciate the way you can control levels with the logarithmic, super-smooth mm faders.

How does it sound?

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Visit product page to order. This is one of the details that you asked for. Behringer SX Eurodesk Channel Mixer Whether recording in the studio, behringdr live house sound, recording a live show, or for use as a stage monitor mixing board, the feature-packed SX does it all. The preamps have behirnger phantom power on groups of inputs so you can run both you condensers AND your dynamics at the same time.

Two shelving frequency controls at 12 kHz and 80 Hz offer gentle contouring. An additional advantage is the source switching ability. Your mixing console is at the heart of your music. You wanted it to define your creative ideas with every feature you suggested.

You might wonder with all the really hot digital mixers out there. You can use the MIX B inputs for front and center instruments, these are unbalanced inputs, but not weak ones. Helpful Info about the Manufacturer Phone: Use it with us – we’ll beat those prices, too! Behringer doesn’t just talk about it, they make it happen. The SX has replaced the MX The eqs are very effective, the bass can get strong and it will sweep mids like a good analog filter.


Read the manual and features You want a generously outfitted talkback section for communication with the artists.

behringer mx Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Quickly cutting a channel with the MUTE button or pre-fader monitoring a signal with the solo button allows you to work effectively. The latter especially improves m9x000 flexibility and functionality of the MIX B section.

Find a better price after buying from us? Until recently, the street price was in the mid-to-hi-teens. One thing I have done was a set up to monitor surround mixes on the MX At its worst, it could behringdr your sound and distort all the carefully created parts of your recording instead of faithfully reproducing the essence of your music.

I did email behringer to ask behrunger in the flip to get the BNC lights and they pointed me in the right direction via email. One look at their popular signal processors and you’ll know: