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APOLLO is a homemade didactic 4-bit RISC PROCESSOR about the ALU and made of discrete TTL logics and bipolar Memories. One of the more famous of these devices is the , a cascadable 4-bit arithmetic logic unit, or ALU. An ALU is the heart of a microprocessor. Please show how you are interconnecting the two devices, particularly the carry from the LSB to the MSB device. It looks like that may not be.

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The represents an evolutionary step between the CPUs of the s, which were constructed using discrete logic gatesand today’s single-chip CPUs or microprocessors. 741811 will put a comment on the author’s page to warn others in the future. Post as a guest Name.

Is there any reason behind the ‘s operations, or did they just randomly throw things in? But if you look at the chip more closely, there are a few mysteries. I announce my latest blog posts on Twitter, so follow me at kenshirriff.

Before the microprocessor era, minicomputers built their processors from boards of individual chips. Putting this all aul produces the function used by the That would have been a box you would have loved, the IFR service monitor.

Inside the vintage ALU chip: how it works and why it’s so strange

The occupies a historically significant stage between older CPUs based on discrete logic functions spread over multiple circuit boards and modern microprocessors that incorporate all CPU functions in a single zlu. The carry from each bit position can be computed from the P and G signals by determining which combinations can produce a carry.


I suspect that these posts only attract old EE farts by sparking nostalgic feelings.

It implements addition, subtraction, and the Boolean functions you’d expect, but why does it provide several bizarre functions such as “A plus A and not B “?

For the ‘s outputs, Propagate must be set for Generate to be meaningful. Many computer CPUs and subsystems were based on theincluding several historically significant models.

I opened up atook die photos, and reverse engineered its TTL circuitry.

Explaining The Operation Of The 74181 ALU

By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Gordon Bell ; Allen Newell. The board is still around here somewhere. This pin is open collector. The P and G outputs in my schematic are reversed compared to the datasheet, for slightly complicated reasons. That’s the beauty of 2’s complements. You are commenting using your Twitter account. A B F 0 0 S1 0 0 S0 0 0 S2 0 0 S3 Because the first two terms are inverted, the logic function for a particular select input doesn’t match the arithmetic function.

proteus – Equality 4 bit with 4 bit by IC (ALU) – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

The way the S0 and S1 values appear in the truth table aluu backwards to me, but that’s how the chip works. Concentrate on getting a 4-bit result and understanding it.

Sign up using Email and Password. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat The P and G labels on the datasheet are for active-low logic, so with active-high, they are reversed. The next step is to examine how P and G are created when adding apu arbitrary Boolean function f A, Bas in the Why do s0 and s1 seem backwards? Multiple ‘slices’ can be combined for arbitrarily large word sizes.


There is a decent-sized group of retrocomputing afficionados not fueled by nostalgia alone.

And if you look at the circuit diagram belowwhy does it look like a random pile aly gates rather than being built from standard full adder circuits. Allard’s Computer Museum Groningen. I then played with the old database as well as the financial software that 744181 still on it. I seem to remember some similar stuff in the high loop of the IFR service monitor, theand had the same one I think.

Needless to say, it worked, and could do 4-bit math easily. And the upper stage which should receive a carry-in looks like it is tied low instead. PeterJ 16k 20 42 The straightforward but slow way to build an adder is to use a simple one-bit full adders for each bit, with the carry out of one adder going into the next adder.

I along with 2 other techs built one in 74xx and 4xxx logic. Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February Articles to be expanded from November All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. If you have a Boolean function f A,B on one-bit inputs, there are 4 rows in the truth table. Sign up using Email and Password.

The S bits on the right select the operation. Sign up using Facebook. Aku, combining and to get is very strange, but for instance, if you are applying to the A inputs, and to the B, and a Mode select ofyou’ll get A – 1, or