Alceste (Christoph Willibald Gluck): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Alceste. Musica di. George Frederich Handel. HWV A cura di http://www. Ottobre Ouverture. Alceste, Wq. 37 is an opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck from The libretto ( in Italian) was written by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi and based on the play Alcestis.

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She sang the role a total of eight times that season.

Royal Opera House Collections Online

Tu m’ami e te non ami, e a segno di morir, di lasciarmi, di privarmi di te. Oh Alceste, oh figli, oh divisione, oli morte! Ah, what fear these trees breathe! Chi tanto di me, del mio volere signor si rende? Alceste joins them and asks Apollo for pity.

Opera Today : GLUCK: Alceste

Alcestis Do I love you? EumelusAspasia Wretched that we are! Cold is my blood in every vein, When I think of you, oh beloved children! Scene 3 The temple of Apollo, with an altar and statue of the god. From Alcesre, the free encyclopedia. I adore you, I shall adore you.


Ah non lagnarti d’un popolo fedel,… … non incolparlo di finto amor,… … di menzognera fede. Alcestis enters with Ismene. Already, at my signal, the sacred rite is being prepared; I myself will give you the example of humility, of reverence. In vain I fancied I would be happy one day alveste seeing you happy! Andar volgendo il passo, e incontrar dappertutto solitudine e lutto! Ah, what do I see?

E fra tanti spaventi io respiro infelice. Ah, mentre in vita libretfo serba amor che vive in me, s’affretti il glorioso cimento. His last day is at hand, there is no help, no hope; shepherds in their hovels, and the kings on their thrones are equally the prey of inexorable death.

Alceste joins them and asks Apollo for pity. And what shall I do! Freddo ho il sangue in ogni vena se a voi penso, oh figli amati!

Soffrite almeno che una moglie, una madre, dal consorte, da’ figli abbia un amplesso, prenda l’ultimo addio. Alcestis Alcestethe king’s wife, offers herself to alcste underworld. Alcestis Hear me, stop! Alcestis Ah, do not so afflict your faithful wife!


No-one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not have the love of a wife, the heart of a mother.

Opera Today

What do I hear? Her final performance of the role, on 11 Februarymarks the last time to date that the opera has been performed at the Met. Voices I do not have the heart… …I do not alcests the courage. How the fear of losing you afflicted them! Act II In a dense aoceste dedicated to the gods of the underworld, Ismene asks Alceste why she is leaving her husband and children.

Sol questi muti orrori interrompe talor lugubre suono d’acqua che fa le rupi urta e si frange, e di notturno augel che rauco piange.

Apollo arrives, promises Hercules immortality, and leaves Admetus and Alceste in a world that seems devoid of death. Who will help us?