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Wipe the inside and outside of the case only with a damp cloth.

Depending on your taste, select a “short” espresso or a “long” milky coffee. Keep the manual in a bedienuungsanleitung place for later reference, and pass it on to any new owner.

Danger of scalding when the steam nozzle is activated! The ground coffee must be fed directly into the coffee-making unit.

AEG CaFamosa CF 220

Unplug from the mains socket. If you do not need the full length of the mains lead, open the cable compartment on the back of the coffee machine, and tidy away the unused lead Fig. Previous page Next page. Please contact your local authority to bedienungsanleitunf your nearest recycling centre.

AEG-ELECTROLUX CF Coffee maker download manual for free now – 2BCB2 |

The three red elements are used for latch- ing and unlatching. Press the latching bdienungsanleitung down to the stop Fig. The cleaning program must not be interrupted. Descal- ing tablets can be obtained bedienungsanleotung your dealer E-No. Only put in ground coffee for the next cup when the brewing process has completely finished and the coffee machine is ready.

Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. Kein oder ein Feld rosa: The red indicator light comes on. Keep childeren at a safe distance! Otherwise the coffee machine could be damaged. Espresso cup Coffee cup Coffee mug The coffee machine is factory-set to standard measures.


AEG CaFamosa CF 85

Do not, under any circumstances, cr vinegar, citric acid, amidosulphuric acid or descalants containing ami- dosulphuric acid, as these can damage the coffee machine.

Plug besienungsanleitung coffee machine into an earthed mains socket. Beachten Sie die max. This is shown by all the indicator lights coming on Fig. If the cof- fee machine is used on a commercial basis, the guarantee is restricted to 12 months. If your coffee machine is to be left unused for some time e. Coffee powder, which is too fine, can lead to blockages. Hold the bean container with the marking on the “Unlockcontainer” position, and set it in place Fig. This can be cleaned out with a thin needle.

A foreign body in the coffee causes bedienungsznleitung loud, even rattle.

AEG-Electrolux Cafamosa CF manual

The “Empty grounds container” indica- tor Fig. The coffee quantity is now saved.

If you live in Germany, please call our Order Hotline Tel. Failure to do this can lead to damage to the grinder. Remove any foreign bodies from the coffee beans.

The indicator light now goes out. Im Modus ,Abschaltzeit einstellen” leuchtet die Anzeige zur Regulierung der Kaffeemahlmenge, die in diesem Fall die Abschaltzeit anzeigt. The term “commercial” in this case means use of the machine for more than 3, coffee-making cycles per year. Die folgende Blinkfolge entspricht Tassen. Set the Selection dial for steam and hot water Fig.


Press the tank firmly in, to ensure that the water-tank valve opens. Never put water in the grinder. Die rote Anzeige leuchtet. Do not use hot water, milk or other liquids. Cafamosa CF Filetype: Danach fangen einzelne der Anzeigen der Kaffeemahlmenge nacheinander an zu blinken, womit in diesem Fall die Anzahl der bezogenen Kaffees angezeigt wird: Geben Sie eine Reinigungstablette in den Kaffeepulverschacht Bild This will protect your coffee machine from being damaged by freezing in cold weather.

If the coffee machine is used incorrectly, or for a purpose other than its intended purpose, we cannot accept any liability for damage caused or any guarantee claims. The selected value is now saved.

To do this, gently bedienungsanlejtung the inside catch. The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. Use only roast coffee beans!

When you dispense 2 cups of coffee, the previously set “Coffee Quantity” and “Cup Measure” are doubled. The indicator flashes Fig. Sie werden jedesmal daran erinnert, indem die Anzeige nach dem Abschalten noch ca. Using the grinding texture adjustment Fig.